The-Haves-and-The-Have-Nots-of-Website-Design - 805 x 428

The Haves and The Have Nots of Website Design in 2016

By on March 23, 2016

The one thing that is always constant is the change, therefore, it is reasonable to say that there shall be changes in website design this 2016. Web designers are becoming more innovative, and the concepts and techniques that are emerging are thrilling. These original ideas ensure that it is possible to create a stunning website, Read More...

10 Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Website 805X428

10 Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Website

By on March 16, 2016

There are some brilliant websites that have been created with care, then others which are cringe worthy and seem to defy all logic and known design principles. While budding website designers are encouraged to explore their creativity, there are some who need coaching on what works, and what does not. Here are 10 design mistakes Read More...


10 Add on features for a brilliant website

By on March 7, 2016

Creating a stand out website can be a challenge, which you can easily overcome by using add-ons. There are thousands of add-ons available and it is essential that you choose those that offer real value to your site. You must take the time to explore the different categories, as some are better than others. If Read More...


10 Website Designs that Inspire

By on March 4, 2016

As a web designer, it is possible that you experience periods where you find it challenging to come up with new ideas. The best way to get some inspiration is to look at what the other people are coming up with, and this is where you need to evaluate creative website designs. A brilliant design Read More...


10 Sensational Sets of Flat Design Icons

By on February 29, 2016

Design trends are constantly changing these days and flat design is currently the ‘it’ trend design for many designers. It is an amazing style in design that you can easily choose for your next commercial and/or personal website projects. People are often attracted to great looking websites and these designs can be used to enhance Read More...


8 Brilliant Graphic Design Hacks

By on February 28, 2016

Every graphic designer is always looking for that one hack, that one trick or tip that just makes it easier to get the work done. Here are our top eight hacks that we think are simply brilliant. 1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) If you speak to a professional graphic designer, you will be told that Read More...


20 free resources for designers for Feb 2016

By on February 25, 2016

As they say, to do the job right, you need the right tool. Not only is this applicable to traditional artisans such as carpenters, weavers, or artists, it is also applicable in the modern world of technology. No matter how talented a designer is, he or she will only be able to do so much Read More...