Using Facebook Live

How to Improve Business Profitability By Using Facebook Live

By on February 5, 2017

Remember the day when Facebook launched Facebook Live? People had mixed feelings about whether Facebook Live will do well, whether people will be interested to come to Live and more importantly, whether it will be another short term experiment by Facebook! It looks like Facebook was right about their move as Facebook Live is now Read More...

How to Source Idea For a Digital Business

By on December 16, 2016

With the invention and boom of internet, digital businesses sound like a brilliant idea and by now, it is also proven that the digital industry holds high potential when it comes to starting and managing a business. If you don’t believe, the examples are all around you. Previously in the last era, we only had Read More...


10 Tips In Choosing A Good Web Hosting Company

By on November 26, 2016

There are several companies that offer web hosting services at different rates. The different rates depend on a number of reasons. For you to get the best from web hosting, you need to consider a number of factors before making the decision of choosing the web hosting company for your business. The following tips are Read More...

3 Important Careers for Business-Focused Data Scientists

By on October 30, 2016

Computer science might forever remain the go-to field for broad tech knowledge, but specializations are becoming more and more valued by employers around the globe. For example, cybersecurity professionals are becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to keep private information digitally and physically safe. Information systems managers are focused on keeping networks live so businesses’ employees Read More...

9 Tools To Create Your Own Chatbots

By on October 25, 2016

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has found scope in a myriad of sectors and it is doing wonders for mankind. Designing software-based tools for automating various business workflows and processes is becoming the hottest trend. From artificial robots to modern Node bots, artificial intelligence is the future of technology. Chatbot is also one such innovation which Read More...