When Will Amazon Start Accepting Bitcoin Sooner or later

When Will Amazon Start Accepting Bitcoin? Sooner or Later?

By on January 13, 2014

There is no telling, if Amazon will comply with their user requests or no. We might have thought that Overstock introducing Bitcoin was a huge moment in the history of the cryptic currency, but Amazon is a whole different story. Bitcoin isn’t the new kid on the block anymore, it has accumulated enough attention to Read More...

Richard Branson Quote

Richard Branson on The Benefits of Experience

By on January 3, 2014

I love Richard Branson, I think he is a true example of what people should try and shape their lives like – how to not worry too much and live the life joyfully, passionately and energetically. The way he has built his brand’s Virgin empire is going to be a story than many will be Read More...


How-To Send Bitcoins with Twitter using TipperCoin

By on December 24, 2013

The cryptocurrency war is still going on, and the amount of cryptocurrencies available is reaching new heights, literally – to the moon. Still, I stand with what I have said in my previous posts about Bitcoin, here and here. It has come to my understanding that a lot more websites and companies, even local businesses Read More...

Steam Logo, Valve

SteamOS BETA: Operating System for The Living Room

By on December 14, 2013

Everyone is getting ready for the holiday season, including the gaming gurus over at Valve. The first time we heard of SteamOS was back in September, hardly three months ago. Now it is available for download as the BETA has been released to the public. The first version of SteamOS 1.0 is called “Alchemist” and Read More...