10 Best Java Programming Blogs To Follow

By on May 27, 2016

Java is one of the most popular and useful programming languages in the world. Originally released in 1995, this object-oriented programming language is still relevant today. The Java ecosystem has flourished in all these years providing a range of robust Java technologies, such as frameworks, libraries, web development SDKs and JVM languages. Java programming has Read More...

8_Swift_2_Blogs_to_Follow 805X428

8 Popular Blogs for Learning Swift 2 Programming Language

By on January 4, 2016

Swift is the newest programming language for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS development by Apple Inc. Swift was released at Apple’s 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), following which it became immensely popular. It is a multi-paradigm, compiled programming language and is influenced by Apple’s Objective-C. The language underwent an upgrade to version 1.2 during Read More...

15 Best Ways to Learn C Sharp

15 Resources to learn C# programming for beginners

By on August 5, 2015

C# is a general-purpose and an object-oriented programming language and is widely used in developing enterprise applications. C# was developed by Microsoft and is the principal language of the .NET framework. C# is primarily used to create console applications, graphical user interface (GUI) applications, web applications and more. These applications run on personal computers, Windows Read More...

programming communities for women developers

14 Programming Communities for Women Developers

By on June 16, 2015

How many of the active developers today are of female gender? If we observe this “women in software engineering” spreadsheet, we come to a fairly one-sided conclusion; in more than 200 companies on the list, out of a total of 8,000 software engineer employees, only 16% are of female gender. Is this a trend we Read More...

Learn an Easy Way to Create a Multilingual Angularjs App_630

Learn an Easy Way to Create a Multilingual Angularjs App

By on April 25, 2015

The rise of multilingual user interface has bought an interesting shift in the way complex information is perceived by today’s web users. These days, a variety of web projects demand the use of multilingual graphical interface to cater the needs of an international audience. Creating a unique international application requires you to make use of Read More...

10 Best Resources to learn iPhone Programming

By on April 21, 2015

Yes, you heard that right. I am saying that you can learn iPhone programming from home. Well, let me tell you about it. Here is how you can become an expert iOS developer by dedicating a few hours every day depending upon how quickly you can learn. I have explored some useful online resources after Read More...