Learn PHP Basic Fundamentals from Scratch

By on November 14, 2016

  PHP is a popular server side programming language. This course explain the basics of the PHP along with the fundamentals of coding with PHP. This course will help you setup the environment (XAMPP) and also explains the Basic Syntax, including declaration of variables, arrays and loops, conditional statements and other regular expressions. Read More...


Learn About Different WordPress Themes

By on November 10, 2016

In this series, we will learn about WordPress Themes. You will also learn how to download & install the WordPress theme, as well as how to build it andwrap it.   In this video, you will learn how to download a WordPress theme and how to install it. Read More...


Learn About Different In-Built Plugins in WordPress

By on November 7, 2016

In this series, we will learn about in-built plugins that are used in WordPress. Plugins are one of WordPress most powerful assets. In essence, plugins are modules you activate on your website to provide a series of features or elements. You will learn about how to use the image gallery plugin, video plugin and the Read More...