Top 5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

Top 5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

By on February 25, 2015

In the past, marketers had to rely on in-built analytics tools provided by the social networks themselves, and they weren’t always great, in fact – majority of them were truly crap, and worse; a lot of social networks didn’t provide the ability to track stats at all. Then came along the infamous API which allowed Read More...

10 Interesting Articles Every PHP Developer Should Read

10 Interesting Articles Every PHP Developer Should Read

By on February 12, 2015

Are you a PHP expert, or perhaps just a tiny beginner that has yet to learn his own ropes? Regardless of the situation, not only is there always a lot more to learn about any programming language, quite often there are resources that are simply exceptional to the developer and should be consumed by as Read More...

Laravel 5

Attention PHP Developers: Laravel 5 Has Just Been Released

By on February 4, 2015

Laravel is the highly recommended PHP based web development framework that shines new light on the way PHP works, and what can be done with it. These days, many of the new frameworks that come out are quite similar in their way of using templating systems, routing integrations, and generally a simple to follow syntax. Read More...

Utilizing Grunt for Better WordPress Theme Development

By on December 23, 2014

Grunt is a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects. Grunt, in many ways, was the starting point of many other similar workflow tools to enter the market. It is the perfect tool to use for automating several JavaScript development tasks. By using Grunt, you’re giving yourself more space for productivity. Grunt allows you Read More...

Magazine & News Themes for WordPress by MH Themes

By on November 30, 2014

I used to be a WordPress theme junkie. I had to try every new theme out there, I wanted to see what developers are doing in order to produce such high-quality work. It seemed natural to have this interest, and back then – I’d spent a lot of time compiling together posts of my favorite Read More...

OptinMonster: Best Lead-Generation Plugin for WordPress

By on November 30, 2014

Email marketing isn’t an entirely new concept, for many online business owners and entrepreneurs alike, it has been their main source of sales, for as long as they can remember. I’m modest when it comes to email marketing, I send out my readers what’s the latest, right now – products aren’t on my to-do list. Read More...