15 Color Scheme & Palette Generators for Web Designers

By on March 5, 2014

The right color scheme can often define, and create the gap between success and failure. Web designers know their craft, and they know how important the choice of colors is. Finding new colors, or coming up with them through Photoshop isn’t always optimal, and so other outside world tools need to come in play. It’s Read More...

Top 6 Keyword Density Tools to Help Analyze Your Pages

By on March 5, 2014

Keyword density is very easy to define, it’s the term for how many numbers a given phrase – in this case, a keyword – appears on a single page. In the past, you would see a ton of webpages on the internet, stuffing the same keyword in any possible direction, in the hope of a Read More...

Mobile and Smartphone Privacy - Are You Safe

Mobile and Smartphone Privacy – Are You Safe? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By on March 4, 2014

What a coincidence, it’s another one that talks about mobile devices. This time we’re looking at mobile, and smartphone device security. It’s quite a big subject, and it’s also a very fragile one. You probably know of Edward Snowden, and the NSA. If you do, you’ll know how easy the CIA, FBI and other government Read More...

5 Reasons to Implement Responsive Web Design in 2014

5 Reasons to Implement Responsive Web Design in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

By on March 4, 2014

I just love that there is pressure on this subject, and everyone everywhere is trying to publish as much content about responsive web design as possible. It’s definitely forming into more than just a suggestion, or an idea. It’s becoming a very crucial issue for many businesses, who’re already seeing a huge drop in sales Read More...

Synata - Search Across Your Applications from One Place

Synata – Search Across Your Favorite Apps from One Place

By on March 4, 2014

Just to clear things up right away, this project is still in a closed BETA, but it’s approaching it’s launch deadline quickly, and we can expect to signup in the very near future. In the mean time, check out their homepage to signup to the waiting list. I’m not entirely sure it’s first come, first Read More...

Neckbeard Republic — bite-sized python screencasts

Neckbeard Republic – Free Bite-sized Python Screencasts

By on March 4, 2014

[box type=’info’] Neckbeard Republic is a screencasting site which focuses on the Python programming language and related software development tools. The term Neckbeard comes from know it all hackers with large beards (generally with poor hygiene) and even larger opinions. This term albeit male focused does not mean that females cannot possess equal if not Read More...