Top 5 Most Viewed Posts on CodeCondo in December 2013

5 Most Popular Posts Roundup for December, 2013

By on January 2, 2014

This could form into a habit rather quickly, it’s only 12 of them I have to do every year, and it seems like a lot of bloggers are already taking advantage of monthly roundups to make it easier for readers like you and me, find the best content. I only started actively sharing content last Read More...

How-To Insert Images in a WordPress Post

How-To Insert Images in a WordPress Post

By on January 1, 2014

Inserting images in a WordPress post is not hard at all, the tools you need is a WordPress blog installation and a couple of images to work with. The benefit of having images to your posts is how engaging and emotional they can to be the reader, and yourself of course. I used to think Read More...

The Etiquette of Blogging - Helpfulness, Honesty, Kindness

The Etiquette of Kind, Helpful & Honest Blogging Personas

By on January 1, 2014

Who are the bloggers? Are they zombies that have come from another planet to abduct us? I sure as hell hope not! Wait… Wouldn’t I have already kidnapped you if it was true? There is more to them, that we know…lets take a closer look. The blogging communities all around the World share some really Read More...

30 Quick & Easy Methods to Build Backlinks for Free

19 Quick & Easy Methods to Build Backlinks for Free

By on December 31, 2013

I am fond of building backlinks, it’s a great way to learn more about the industry and methods that work well, fairly well and some that don’t work at all. I have talked about backlinks on CodeCondo a little bit already. I have discussed the tips that Google is giving to guest bloggers, the 3 Read More...

Google+ Logo

Top 11 Google+ Communities for Bloggers

By on December 31, 2013

I cannot come up with a single reason, why you shouldn’t be a part of Google+ communities. In the recent year it has become the place to be for technology, science, engineering and creativity oriented people. The design changes that Google+ announced at Google I/O 2013 completely changed the way people interact and engage each Read More...