Evolution of Web Development

Evolution of Web Development

By on November 8, 2017

It is estimated that as of 2017 October, over 8.4 Billion devices were connected to the internet and projections point at the total increasing to about 50 Billion devices by 2020.With the increase in the number of devices that can connect to the internet, and the diversity of the devices increasing each day, the internet Read More...

Multi-Threaded Code in Java

Learn how to Write Multi-Threaded Code in Java

By on October 11, 2017

Java offers support for both single thread and multi-thread operations. A single thread program for instance has just a single entry point and a single exit point. A multi-thread program on the other hand has an initial entry point, which is followed by many other entry points and exit points. These other entry and exit Read More...

10 Ways to Use Emojis in Web Development

By on October 7, 2017

Text-sized pictures that carry emotions of joy, sadness, laughter, flight celebration, victory, clap, love and so many others, commonly called emojis, are quite popular these days. They are mainly used in person-to-person communications. They can also be used for brand communication by businesses. The types of emojis used by brands are very different from what Read More...

Top Web Development Frameworks

Top 11 Web Development Frameworks

By on October 3, 2017

Every Developer has its own technology stack that he has developed over years of his experience which make their work faster, efficient and convenient. The changing technology trends force developers to learn new things in order to keep up with the latest and useful tools emerging. By using these tools web developers try to upgrade Read More...

how to be a full stack developer

Learn How to Become a Full Stack Developer

By on September 27, 2017

There are three types of developers; Front-end developers, Back-end developers, and Full stack developers. Front-end developers deal with the outward appearance while back-end developers deal with the server-side technologies which power the website. Full stack developers normally have the skills of both the front end and back-end developers. Stacks means in layers thus as a Read More...

What is back-end development

Awesome Facts that will make you be a Back End Developer

By on September 25, 2017

In web development, one can specialize in being a front end developer, back-end developer or full stack developer. That’s precisely the broader aspects. Moreover, you may decide to specialize in certain programming languages and choose either of those three. For example, you may become a C+ back end developer or Java back end developer. Front Read More...

Perceived Performance Of Your Website

How To Elevate The Perceived Performance Of Your Website

By on September 23, 2017

Performance in a business is very important because it can determine the number of sales one can make by the end of the day. Poor performance means losing a customer to a competitor while good performance means attracting more customers everyday. That is why you need to ensure that your website is fast when responding Read More...