How to Choose a Mobile Payment Processing Firm

By on March 17, 2016

Across the globe, mobile payments (those payment services which are transacted using a mobile device) have grown rapidly over recent years in both developed and developing markets. Consumers enjoy being able to use non-traditional payment methods no matter where they may be in the world, and in fact the trend is set to keep rising, Read More...

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Guide for Submitting Plugins to WordPress Directory

By on February 17, 2016

WordPress plugin repository is the most trusted source for plugins. Every WordPress user, regardless of their experience level administrating a website, will start their plugin-search from WordPress repository before heading out to other markets. This makes it a perfect platform for developers to showcase their work and get recognition from a massive global community. Great Read More...


Ransomware as a Service: 6 Discovered Instances

By on February 14, 2016

As file-encrypting ransom Trojans are earning big bucks for their authors these days, the concept of ransomware kits, or Ransomware as a Service, has come on stage. About half a dozen of them emerged on the black market recently. This trend has made it amazingly simple to become a cybercriminal. There is hardly any tech Read More...


5 Careers You Can Launch with a Computer Science Degree

By on February 11, 2016

Everyone knows that computers are our future. It must be true because that is what everyone seems to be saying. Perhaps someone should tell the kids entering college. As of 2014, USA Today reported that the top 10 most popular college majors have been unchanged for some time. Computer science is nowhere on the list. Read More...


11 Useful Tools To Master Your Web Development Projects

By on February 8, 2016

Year 2016 is here, but also our old and new projects. As you sure know, there are plenty of tools available on the internet. Some are way better than others, as they have important functions that can make the difference. This showcase contains exactly 11 useful tools, with which you can master your ongoing projects Read More...