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The Valuation of Your eCommerce Business in 2014

Knowing how much money your business is worth is an important part of being a successful eCommerce business owner. By knowing its value, not only will you have a better idea...
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Top 13 Social Media Management Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's always good to have this data available to you, as you never know when it's going to be time to make a switch from one tool to another. It also...
organic strawberries

The Organic SEO Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

Strawberries are pretty organic, no bias, grown under the sun and taste incredible. You can even sell them, if you happen to own a farm big enough for producing many tons...
Freelance Writing 2014

The Current State of Freelance Writing 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

This report and infographic has been put together by the lovely CopyPress community, hats off to them and great job on doing the wonderful work. A total of 247 bloggers, writers,...
State of Mobile Behavior & Usage Report 2014

State of Mobile Behavior and Usage Report 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

They just keep coming and coming, and we're again presented with another infographic that wants to educate us about mobile devices, in this particular case - how consumers are using their...
Mobile and Smartphone Privacy - Are You Safe

Mobile and Smartphone Privacy – Are You Safe? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What a coincidence, it's another one that talks about mobile devices. This time we're looking at mobile, and smartphone device security. It's quite a big subject, and it's also a very...
5 Reasons to Implement Responsive Web Design in 2014

5 Reasons to Implement Responsive Web Design in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

I just love that there is pressure on this subject, and everyone everywhere is trying to publish as much content about responsive web design as possible. It's definitely forming into more...
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Bitcoin for WordPress: 7 Useful Plugins

Funny, first article of this blog is going to be about Bitcoin. I was very skeptical about Bitcoin for a long time, in fact...