I have been given a free license key for the new COLT 2.0 development tool, and due to having access to other tools, I feel like I could give this key away for free, to whoever in the community needs it. I’m not sure how is this going to work out, but we can try.

Basically, in order for you to participate, all you have to do is tweet out this post and include my username in the tweet, so I can keep track of people who’re interesting in getting their hands on this.

I will conclude the giveaway on April, 18th. Exactly one week from the time of publishing this post.

COLT is JavaScript application development software. COLT makes it easier to immediately debug the code. It does so delivering live JS, HTML and assets updates to running application without restarting it. COLT also has run-time code analysis features, helps to write code (code completion and jsdocs), and to inspect JS objects.

In the 2.0 version you’ll find the following changes:

  • Support for Flash discontinued.
  • Angular updates.
  • Live-Proxy
  • You no longer need UI to launch live-session.
  • New HTML updates algorithm
  • node-webkit support
  • Several things were improved with Sublime.
  • New UI
  • New demo-mode

You can check out the rest here.