Learn to Build a Responsive Website

I have never seen a more talked about web design trend, than responsive web design is being talked about right now. It’s definitely the hottest trend in year 2014, but is it all just unnecessary buzz, people falling for the same old trap?

I’ll leave that up to you to decide, because nobody can know better whether a website needs to responsive or not, than its very own owner. Being the WordPress user that I am, responsiveness is not a problem, as most themes these days come integrated with responsive functionality, either way.

I look at responsive web design from only one perspective, I want to please my readers and I want to give them the best possible user experience there is, if I fail to do that, well, why would I expect anyone else to do the same, right?

Build a Responsive Website Project

TeamTreehouse is known for delivering high quality content to its users, and this guide is not an exception. I learned most of my knowledge about responsive web design, from this exact course. It’s 5 medium-sized lessons long, but it covers a broad range of topics and subjects that you should know.


Technically, the only experience you should have before starting to work on this project is some HTML5 and CSS3. At the end of the day, you’ll want to start implementing these new tricks and ways of doing things within your own projects.

Build a Responsive Website Project categories

As I said, it’s split into 5 lessons. That will add up to 19 videos to watch, 8 quizzes to take, and 10 code challenges to complete. I also recommend to try any of the websites in my coding challenges post, that will only strengthen your knowledge of the subject.

I didn’t think that this course was going to be as extensive as it is, but you really quickly realize just how easy it is to convert a project from being non-responsive, to being fully responsive – which will work on any mobile device, tablet or high-end smartphone. It’s a wonderful feeling to see your site go responsive for the first time.

If you think that you could benefit from a course on responsive web design, perhaps this is your time to try out TeamTreehouse, they provide great support, have an internal forum system and generally there are many helpful people at your disposal, any time of the day.