According to the booking service, there were 55% more guests in the Caribe Royale All-Suite Hotel than last year during these New Year’s Eve holidays. But how do you spend your time in comfort while you get to a cozy hotel room? We’ve collected the gadgets you need to travel, which will help you not to lose important things, charge your phone in the desert and drink coffee in the Himalayas. 

Chipolo Classic 2

You can attach the tracker to the keys, put it in your passport wallet or stick it to your computer with double-sided duct tape. You can track an item with the tracker through a special mobile application within a radius of about 60 meters. If you press the search button in the application, the tag will sound a loud beep. The function also works in the opposite direction: if the tracker is at hand and the phone is lost somewhere, you can press the Chipolo button and the phone will beep. If the marker is out of range, the phone will be notified and you can view the last position of the tracker on the map.

Handpresso Pump

The Handpresso Pump is a portable manual coffee machine that dispenses approximately 30 ml of coffee at a time. It is useful for places without a normal espresso: beaches, mountains, and picnics. It works with ground coffee or E.S.E. capsules. (Easy Serving Espresso). The capsules are easy to find on the web, cost from 0.2 $ per piece. Of the minuses, it’s hard to guess the degree of grinding, and there is a risk of spoiling the drink.

Goal Zero Nomad 20

Goal Zero Nomad 20 is again one of the important travel gadgets that will help you recharge your phone, tablet or battery away from outlets – for example, on a multi-day trip. It looks like a black dense cloth book with three panels on it. The area in the decomposed form is about 1.5 meters. Goal Zero Nomad 20 can be attached to a tent, tree or hiking backpack using the hinges in the folded areas.

The USB port is located on the backside. There is also an 8mm connector for Goal Zero portable chargers. Several panels can be combined to speed up charging. One Goal Zero Nomad 20 weighs one kilo. Minus that takes sunshine and patience.

GoPro Hero7 Black Edition

An action camera that doesn’t need a special introduction & by default is considered one of the most useful travel gadgets. Capable of shooting 4K video at 60 frames, photo – at a resolution of 12 megapixels with HDR. There is HyperSmooth stabilization, waterproof to ten meters, live video, voice control, slow motion, drone support, automatic offloading to the phone, frost and heat resistance and touch screen to control the camera. Minuses – weak battery and shimmering indoors (corrected by frequency setting).

Cowarobot Rover Speed

A smart Rover Speed suitcase can follow you around, bypassing people. It does this by means of optical sensors in the handle, which capture your movements. The built-in battery lasts for about 20 kilometers (you can also use it to recharge your gadgets). To activate the auto-stroke mode, press the button on the body – the suitcase will automatically extend an extra pair of wheels for stability. There is also a manual mode – just grab the handle.