How-To Stay Focused on The Road to Success

The road to success, it’s a tricky one that. It’s also a very rich road, often changing from exotic fruit to the most lowly of suburbs. It’s full of surprises and opportunities that open up to us once we’re fully ready to undertake our own road that we wish to create for ourselves.

I chose blogging over a couple of other career choices simply because blogging itself is teaching me a lot of new talents, I know that there are bloggers who do not care about marketing, and search engine optimization. I care about those subjects and that is also a reason why I write about them so much.

It’s a win-win situation as I am able to do what I love, which is writing and helping others, and I am also able to constantly learn new tricks that help me along the way to the blogging success. I already feel successful, I see no reason not to – to have even one person find my blog through the social media channels I use is already an achievement in its own way.

Those little victories are what make up for the majority of our success. Without the little victorious moments of glory and success – we’re just trying to find reasons not to do what we love so dearly.

Full-Time or Part-Time

This will vary from person to person, some simply cannot afford to do something full-time as they’ve got other bills to pay and unfortunately to start making any decent money from blogging you’ll need to invest the right amount of time and energy into it.

Full-Time or Part-TimeI would say that if you are able to sustain yourself for a couple of months and you’ve got a solid understanding of what you want to do with your life – then yes, please go ahead and start blogging full-time. You will only need to spend two months doing it before you realize how much new knowledge and skills you have acquired.

All of which can be used to generate an income.

Lindsay from Pinch of Yum portrays this situation very well, she was given the option to do full-time blogging and earn more than she would from her day job, or do blogging part-time and also partake teaching classes in elementary school. It shows that some passion is better executed in real life, but she still enjoys blogging very much.

A few months ago, when Bjork was putting together another one of the income reports, we both had this realization moment: at this point I earn more from blogging than I do from my day job.

Read the rest…

To try and inspire you, please watch the following video from Huffington Post about ‘Blogging for Jobs‘. The guests to this hangout are:

All are established bloggers who know the benefits of doing something full-time and the difference of doing something part-time. Take a look and let me know what you thought!

Read More Than You Share

There is always going to be more to read than there is going to be to share. Yes, alright, you could create everything in tiny and short pieces and have stuff to share for the rest of your life, but where is the value and fun in that?

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that there are plenty of benefits from regular reading, and while many people think those benefits only start happening when you’re reading books, it simply isn’t true.

That’s right, ladies and germs. Cunningham’s studies have found that analytical thinking is boosted by reading. Readers improve their general knowledge, and more importantly are able to spot patterns quicker. If you can spot patterns quicker, your analytical skills receive a boost.

Read More Than You Share

To become better at something you’ve got to learn and put it to test, and what better way to learn about something than look at others experiences. I’m a search engine, marketing and social media specialist – so those are the blogs I read every day, learning about new tips and tricks on how to become better at what I do.

Make it a habit to read at least five new blog posts or articles every day. If you read a big whitepaper or a case study, reduce the amount of blog posts you’re going to read – to not overwhelm yourself with information.

Share Everything You’ve Got

In case you come across the ‘writers block’ – take a couple of deep breaths and move on! There is no such thing as a ‘writers block’ in this world, it’s a trend that was created by worn out people who’ve pushed themselves to limits that not only give you a ‘writers block’, but also give you a massive headache. Nikki Groom has a good take on this particular subject.

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With that out of the way, please share everything you can and when you can and you’ll already feel that the road to blogging success is becoming easier and easier. It’s not about doing it to have regular updates or something to give back to the community, when you’re constantly writing you’re constantly learning about that what you love and blog about.

It’s such a realization, and once it happens you just want to do more of it.

On the computer, we’re technically typing – but how do you plan to get a blog posts from your journal to the blog itself if not by typing, correct?

Take Time to Reflect and Think About Your Blog

I blog full-time, so I do this every day. I give myself some time in the evening to pick up my diary and start writing down the events of the day that had just passed. It’s not only giving me a mental boost and clarity over my own life, it’s helping me to become better at what I do. It’s helping me to become successful.

How? Well, I think it’s because I care enough to reflect on what is going on with my life and my blog. You eventually bond with your blogging career and it becomes a part of you. It’s not just mindless typing at the computer screen, there are actually careers that can and will be created out of people who admire to write and blog.

Take Time to Reflect and Think About Your Blog

You’re constantly dealing with new information and things, and unless you’re giving all of your time to creating something special – it’s always going to be about moving forward, and going into the direction of your dreams. You have to play your part by giving yourself time to relax and unwind from all that is happening.

How do you reflect on things in life, and your career? Are you a morning person who does it in the early hours, or do you prefer to give yourself the time in evenings? I’d love to hear and learn from your experience. :)

We’re Already Successful

We just need to earn enough trust and respect from other people. You cannot expect to become successful just by acknowledging it, but deep down inside – you should know that you are. I try to use a lot of positive examples in my work, and I try to view life from as positive perspective as possible. In the end, I am doing what I love and I am getting paid for it. I’m getting paid for learning, how wonderful is that?

Blogging is very real and personal, and while it might become harder to reach out to large amounts of people, with enough hard work and dedication it is going to be possible. Do you want to become a blogging authority? It’s a dream to pursue – but it sure will be worth it by the end of it, if there is ever going to be an end!