Perceived Performance Of Your Website

How To Elevate The Perceived Performance Of Your Website

By on September 23, 2017

Performance in a business is very important because it can determine the number of sales one can make by the end of the day. Poor performance means losing a customer to a competitor while good performance means attracting more customers everyday. That is why you need to ensure that your website is fast when responding Read More...

WordPress SEO Themes

10 WordPress Themes That Will Boost Your SEO

By on September 22, 2017

The number one goal for all business people out there is to be able to help their business grow and meet its objectives, something that they can easily achieve using SEO. Many buyers these days trust search engines for shopping. Being at the top position will make it easy for potential buyers to find you Read More...

Java Back End Development

Incredible Things About Being A Java Back End Developer

By on September 21, 2017

Engaging in back end development requires having strong skills in most programming languages and basics of front-end development. This is because as a Java back-end developer you will have to focus on the background technologies, unlike the front end developers who only focus on what is being seen. As a Java back end developer, you Read More...

RoR vs PHP

The Secret of Ruby on Rails vs PHP

By on September 20, 2017

PHP and Ruby on Rails are both awesome web languages. Some developers prefer PHP to Ruby on Rails while others prefer Ruby on Rails to PHP. There are some reasons that are accustomed to that. For starters let’s understand what they entail: What is Ruby on Rails and PHP? For starters, Ruby on Rails is Read More...

MEAN Stack Vs LAMP Stack

MEAN Stack Vs LAMP Stack

By on September 18, 2017

                MEAN stack MEAN stack is a more modern stack that’s challenging the LAMP stack. It is totally JavaScript-fueled. So that makes it both a time and money-saver for organizations that already have JavaScript pros writing client-side code. MEAN is a product package that stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, Read More...

Electron – Why Should You Learn Electron

By on September 17, 2017

Electron can be defined as a framework for creating native application with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Creating a desktop application with the help of electron is very easy as it takes care of the hard parts of the application so that you can focus on the essential part of the application. Electron Read More...