12 Source Code Editors for Web Programmers

By on October 4, 2015

Modern-day programming has become a challenging task. There are a plethora of web technologies available to choose from. Besides, there are developers working on language-specific development projects. You must be aware that there is a range of testing frameworks, debugging tools and development frameworks for every specific programming language, such as Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP Read More...

Startup Tools for Online Analytics and Competitor Audit

13 Startup Tools for Online Analytics and Competitor Audit

By on October 3, 2015

Understanding and knowing how many visitors your site gets, or who your real competitors are is one thing, to be able to understand their tactics and strategies is something completely different. Web technology has enabled businesses and brands to engage in spying activities that can tell a lot about the competitors choices and what works Read More...

Trend Research Tools for Startups

6 Trend Research Tools for Startups

By on October 2, 2015

Facebook and Twitter are well-known social media networks that provide a feature called ‘Trending Topics’, these will be links to news and stories that people are sharing and talking about the most, and quite often a few great ideas can be found from these two sources alone, but they’re certainly not something a startup should Read More...

old seo methods

Old SEO Methods You Need to Stop

By on October 1, 2015

There are many cases when all of a sudden traffic on your site falls abruptly and you don’t know the reason behind this downfall. In majority of cases it is due to use of SEO techniques which have become obsolete. Using these outdated techniques harm you even more rather than helping your Search Engines Result Read More...

6 Ways the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business

6 Ways the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business

By on September 30, 2015

The cloud spreads over businesses across the world. More and more companies are moving to it and use it as a safe haven for their data. Although you might associate cloud technology with big international corporations, it’s actually small and medium enterprises that need the opportunities the cloud brings the most. Take a look at Read More...

Explaining the Power of Exit Intent Technology in 8 GIFs

Explaining the Power of Exit Intent Technology in 8 GIFs

By on September 30, 2015

We’ve got bad news: customers are leaving your site, and they’re doing it in droves. Despite your best efforts, the vast majority of shoppers who visit your site will leave without making a purchase. Even online shopping giants like Amazon and Overstock experience these minuscule conversion rates. These small percentage points matter more, however, for Read More...

6 Awesome Tips to Improve Your Website User Experience in 5 Minutes

6 Tips to Improve Your Website User Experience

By on September 29, 2015

Every online business has the awesome ability to trigger a response from its targeted visitors – that response can be good or bad depending on a number of factors. If you want to give the best experience to your visitors, then here is a simple secret: improve your web design.   A good design for Read More...

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