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Cryptocurrencies – Are They The Right Investment For The Future?

Cryptocurrencies – Making Right Investment What is a Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is defined as a currency which uses cryptography and is associated with the Internet. It involves a process which converts legible information into...

8 Different Ways Chatbots Are Helping Businesses Grow

Customer is indeed the king of your business. Therefore, it pays to stay in constant touch with your customers. However, it can be a daunting task for business owners to maintain...
Database Connection Error

Learn How to Fix Database Connection Error in Login

How to Fix ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’ Caused by Inaccurate Login Credentials No matter which platform you use to build a website, you are bound to meet some errors, especially if...
Progressive Web Application

Make Your Website Into A Progressive Web Application

Progressive web apps use modern web capabilities to deliver application-like experiences to users. For this, they are deployed to servers, accessible through URL links and indexed by search engines. Moreover, for...
Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa – Which One’s Better?

Google Assistant vs Amazon’s Alexa – AI Helpers Vying with Each Other to Get Your Attention There were those simply, good old days when inhuman voices used to appear only in horror...
Mining Bitcoin

Everything You Need To Know About Mining Bitcoin

Mining is the process by which transactions are secured and verified on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is carried out by miners who run nodes (computers that use computational power to solve...
Website Performance

Learn How To Optimize Your Website Performance

Regardless, if you are running Chrome 41+ or Firefox 36+, it is important to test your website’s speed on a routine basis. You can do this with speed testing tools that...


Bitcoin for WordPress: 7 Useful Plugins

Funny, first article of this blog is going to be about Bitcoin. I was very skeptical about Bitcoin for a long time, in fact...