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Tech trends

Innovative Tech Trends To Transform The World In 2018

Things are moving fast and technology is keeping pace. New innovation advance our lives and organizations touch the success ladder consistently. Obviously, that will proceed in 2018. While it is difficult...
Hardware Inventory Software

Does Your Business Need Hardware Inventory Software?

The Internet of Things has forever changed the way that businesses implement and manage their physical hardware and devices. Almost every piece of hardware in today’s office has internet connectivity and...
PDF Editors

PDF Editors for Mac : A Detailed Handbook on How to Edit a PDF

There is no denying that editing PDFs files on your Mac is no longer a hassle these days. In fact, you have lots of tools in store for you unlike in...
Data Breach Epidemic

Fighting The War Against The Data Breach Epidemic

In this technology era, we rely more on the internet and software for our payments. We make most of our transaction through credit and debit cards or say by net banking....
Ultimate DevOps Solution

The Ultimate DevOps Solution With App Error Tracking

According to a recent study, nearly 39 percent of the business owners polled claimed they had an app built to increase sales. Improving customer service levels was the motivation behind building...
Start-up Marketing Strategy

9 Useful Tips To Build a Start-up Marketing Strategy Without a Budget?

Start-ups in every field are a common thing today. Every day there are thousands of start-ups that enter various fields with various ambitions. These spend huge amounts on marketing and other...
Buisness look bigger

Fake It Till You Make It – How to Make Your Business Look Bigger

In business, it’s all about appearance. The bigger the business, the more people want to associate with them. The reason is psychological, as larger entities seem more robust and capable of...


Bitcoin for WordPress: 7 Useful Plugins

Funny, first article of this blog is going to be about Bitcoin. I was very skeptical about Bitcoin for a long time, in fact...