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Our new category “Corporate Events” will provide information on events such as corporate events, business events, business conference & other miscellaneous events.

Best Exhibitor Tips

Trade Show Exhibitor Tips For Networking and Getting Noticed

Conventions and trade shows can be a lot of work. You have to make sure you’re registered, made all the necessary travel arrangements and accommodations, and have your display and all...
Methodology of Synergising

Platform Potential – The Methodology of Synergising Your TV and Digital Media Strategy

Television advertising is a form of marketing that has been around since July 1, 1941 when a 10-second commercial for Bulova watches appeared during a baseball game on local TV in...

6 Common Corporate Event Planning Myths

Planning corporate events has never been more complicated that it is today. No matter whether your event is to promote a product launch, to throw a party for your clients or...
Eduonix Black Friday Sale


Bitcoin for WordPress: 7 Useful Plugins

Funny, first article of this blog is going to be about Bitcoin. I was very skeptical about Bitcoin for a long time, in fact...