Although there are various frameworks that web developers can use for their projects, JavaScript frameworks are the most popular when web designers are looking to build modern web applications. The most popular of all the JavaScript frameworks are AngularJS, Backbone, React and Ember. Each of these provides developers with a unique experience, and because each of them is so good in its own respect, it is becoming increasingly hard for developers to choose the best one to use for their projects. Now that web development is advancing at an alarming rate, developers can benefit a lot if they are familiar with some of the best frameworks that they can use to complement to the ones they are already using, especially if they would like to make the creating their designs easier and more useful to their users.

1. Ractive.js

ractive.js JavaScript Frameworks
This is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks and it has been used by designers for a while now. There are many famous websites that have been built using Reactive.js, and it is one of the best tools that web developers should seriously consider using when they are building websites. This framework builds user interface components that are template oriented and that support some of the best JavaScript features. Web developers will love it because of its ability to create interactive applications. The framework is very easy to use and it has a variety of features that web developers will find very useful.

2. Mithril

JavaScript Frameworks
Mithril is one of the most intriguing frameworks from JavaScript. It is a free application that web developers can choose to use, especially if they are looking for a flexible library size. It has perceptive documentation as well, which is updated periodically to ensure that web designers have access to new features and libraries. This is a must try for web developers who want to get a little more from other famous frameworks that have been in use for a long time.

3. D3.js

This framework will go a long way to help you build designs that are aesthetically appealing, and will keep visitors coming back to your websites. With this, you can create some of the best visuals, animations, and graphics out there, which is just what is needed in order to give your website the appeal it deserves.

4. Omniscient

This is another great JavaScript framework to use for your web development projects. This framework provides you with amazing tools and features to help you build beautiful, and functional websites. With this framework, the development model is slightly different as it is static, much the same as what you get with HTML. The framework allows for customization that ensures that designers end up with articulate designs. With omniscient, you will be able to create small components that can be easily composed and shared through mixins.

5. Riot.js

If you are looking for a framework that can influence the performance of your apps after development, this is the framework you need. With it, you can build user interfaces that have custom tags. This framework allows web developers to create apps using syntax that they can enjoy, making your experiences great. Another great advantage is that Riot.js is very fast, meaning you do not have to worry about strict deadlines as you will never complete a project late when using this great framework.

6. Angular.js

This is the most popular JavaScript framework for Google developers. It has been in use for a very long time now, and many web developers still consider it the best framework to use for their projects. Angular.js gives you a very solid base for all your projects, and gives you the ability to provide your clients with the highest standards and the usability that they deserve. With it, you will get to enjoy some of the best features that have been designed to help you complete projects quickly and effectively. Today, developers who use Angular.js in their projects benefit from its ability to build apps that can easily connect with the latest trends.

7. Node.js

This is one of the most powerful JavaScript framework to be created since the introduction of JavaScript, which explains why its popularity is growing every day. The reason why many web developers love Node.js is because of its scalability and versatility. These, combined with its amazing capabilities make it a great framework to try for great applications in this modern era.

8. Polymer

Polymer is the kind of framework that uses material designs in order to bring the best out of your projects. It is an amazing framework to use if you would like to create fast websites that have a great modern touch. Its ability to create web components and to use them repeatedly makes it a little different from other frameworks you might have used in the past.

9. WebRx

webrx JavaScript Frameworks
This is a browser-based framework that uses a combination of client-side routing, declarative data-binding, and templating with functional, reactive programming. It has a very powerful set of libraries that are useful during processing and querying of data streams that are not synchronous, which means data streams from varied sources like input events, timers, Http requests among others.

10. jQuery

jquery JavaScript Frameworks
This is one of the oldest free JavaScript frameworks that is still popular despite all the changes that web development has gone through. jQuery has remained popular mainly because of its functionalities, for instance, its ability to create interactive applications. Many of the web developers that use jQuery use it if they want to extend their website, because it has the best features and tools to give you the best results when compared to other frameworks that you will find. You will love the results of a website created using jQuery which means your users will love it as well.

JavaScript frameworks are the best tools for the modern web developer. With the list of the best there are in the industry today, web developers should no longer have a problem choosing the right framework to use for their projects.