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As a marketer, especially if you are a digital marketer, you have to make sure that you are using the right tools to portray your brand. With these free tools from Google, it often gets intimidating to track everything that you are doing. Google has more than 25 great tools for different purposes related to marketing.

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 best Google marketing tools that every marketer should know about. Even if you do not use them, it is your duty as a marketer to know about their existence to stay ahead in the highly competitive world of digital marketing.
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1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is undoubtedly the biggest marketing vehicle in today’s world. Google has billions of searches every second and if you can place your website at the top of the search result for certain keywords, your website will get millions of visits. If you have to select one place to market your product, it should be Adwords.

2. Google Alerts

Marketers are now smart and they know the importance of something like Google Alerts. Google Alerts work in a very simple way. You have to go to Google Alerts and select a word that you want news for. From then on, whenever there will be a news about that topic on internet, Google will send you an email. As a marketer, you will never miss anything important.

3. Analytics

Google analytics is another great tool for marketers & especially, digital marketers. Google Analytics will tell you how many people are visiting your website and what pages are they looking at. This is important because this will tell you which pages are more important on your website and which pages can be killed.
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4. Google Books

If you are a marketer, reading books should be one of your regular tasks. Google Books is a great place to get started. There are unlimited number of free books out there that you can read. Also, there are latest journals of the recent trends of the market that you can also analyze if you want.

5. Google Calendar

A very simple tool that helps you to keep up with the daily events. The best part about Google calendar is that it will actually notify you about the event via different methods. Obviously, it can mail you about the event but the best part is the SMS notification. If you want, you can actually get an SMS notification from the calendar too which is amazing. When you are logged in with your Google account, the calendar can automatically detect events and suggest you to mark them on Google. The cellphone application does the same thing!

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6. Google Drive

Google drive is a fine place where you can store up to 15GB worth of files for free and you can update the size of the drive too with low costs. Google drive changed the way people think about cloud storage these days. It is no longer important for marketers and businesses to have decent space on their cellphone or laptops. They can simply use Google Drive and keep all their data safe.

Google drive never faced a problem related to data theft or breach like similar storage companies and their competitors. That is another reason that why you can trust Google drive with your files. At times, Google Drive is safer than your computer and cellphones. Also, it allows you to remotely work on your files from anywhere you want, requiring only Google login details.

7. Google Docs/Spreadsheet/Form

Google now offers free document, spreadsheet and form creation services under a sub-menu of Google Drive. These features are used by millions of people from different parts of the world. The reason behind this is simple. Obviously, you do not want to go through the hassle of installing all those software and license keys on your computer when you can get all of them for free on Google.

Apart from being completely free, they save automatically and they are easy to share too. These are all features that marketers and entrepreneurs look for.
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8. Gmail

How can we forget the mighty Gmail when we are talking about Google tools? Gmail is by far the best creation by Google and Gmail is now used by more than 1 billion people. This is the most popular Google tool ever and the growth rate is amazing too.

After Google search, Gmail is Google’s next project that gets the most number of users for them. Gmail is easy to use and it is tough to explain the benefits of a Gmail account. As Google has a wide range of products and services, one Gmail account can give you access to almost everything. Also, Gmail has tied up with other companies to work with their login systems so that you do not have to go through the boring sign up process every time.

9. YouTube

YouTube is so big by itself that we often do not remember that this is also a Google product. Google acquired YouTube around 10 years ago from today and since then, it kept on growing. After Google, YouTube now has the most amount of searches on internet. YouTube can be used as a marketing tool in several ways. There are pre-roll advertisements that you can perform at the beginning of the video and you can also create your business channel to promote your subject.

10. Google Voice

The last tool that we will talk about today is Google Voice. The most important benefit that you will receive from Google Voice is the location power. You can have this number from any part of the world and the same number will work everywhere.

Also, the routing power is another feature that gets attention from marketers. With the routing power, you can simply decide which calls to send in what direction. Though some premium companies offer forwarding features like this one, this is a free tool that you can go for and be satisfied all the way.