With so many people using their mobile phones and devices to access the internet these days, there is a clear need for web developers to concentrate more on mobile apps. This is especially true if they would like to ensure that the growing number of mobile device users are getting everything that they need online without having to go back to a desktop or laptop computer.

All you need are platforms that will make building mobile apps easier and those that will help you create great apps all the time. There are very many mobile app building platforms out there, and you can easily find a platform that will help you build the best apps for your business or personal use without costing you too much money or time. Here are some of the best ones that you can pick:

1. Appery.io

The internet is rapidly becoming the easiest way to reach out to the masses, and Appery.io is a platform that will help every mobile app developer create applications that will reach out to the largest number of users in the shortest time possible. If you want to create perfect apps that will suit specific needs in order to reach out to your target market, this is the platform you should be using today. You can even begin with the free trial!

2.  Appy Pie

appy pie

Appy Pie is an application development company from India that allows you to build mobile-friendly sites for free. The primary reason for its popularity is the affordable rates for native applications. They have an abundance of templates, each specific to its industry such as for dating, church, and restaurants. Also, they make the process clear to everyone since it is very user-friendly.

3. jQuery Mobile

This is an interface system that is based on HTML5 and is designed for the creation of responsive web pages and apps that can be accessed through smartphones, desktops and laptop devices. With this platform, you will not need to write much in order to get the app up and running. It also gives the designer a chance to do more, giving them the ability to create even better websites. This is the best platform to use if you create customized applications regularly.

4. Mobile Roadie

mobile roadie

With offices in the UK, Norway, and the USA, Mobile Roadie is an expensive app platform. They usually target large business and enterprises. Its client list consists of Universal, Ted and Disney, which is why it is highly preferred by huge corporations. There are many colors and templates to be used and you can tweak and adjust whatever you need changing, such as fan wall and chats. It also has geo-targeting, digital commerce, and app submission. But because of the price, most people prefer to use alternative means.

5. GameSalad

This platform is all about making video game development much easier. This is a platform that will help you get creative with your development as you enjoy great fun while doing what you do best. With GameSalad, forget about the complexity of coding, which is a tough thing for many developers. Here, it is all about the dropdowns, the odd lists, and the checkboxes. This is a must try for any developer who is working on a video game project!

6. AppMakr

This is the best platform to use in the creation of fully featured mobile applications. To start with, it is very affordable, making it a great choice for anyone that wants to create their own mobile applications. It also has some great features to offer, which will make the development of your apps quick and easy. This is a platform that can be used to create both business and personal apps.

7. Kony

This is an open source web development platform that is best suited for the creation of multi-edge apps. It is standards-based and integrated, making it a perfect choice for the creation of mobile apps. It has everything that a web developer would need for the entire app software development. If you are looking for a platform that will make things easy for you to be able to create apps faster and at the same time provide you with all the features you need for great designs thereafter, Kony is the best choice for you.

8. AppYourself

This platform provides developers with a brilliant way to develop amazing mobile apps. It is very popular, especially for the creation of high quality yet affordable business apps. It is a great tool to use if you have a small business and you would like to create an app that will help to showcase all your abilities while simultaneously allowing your clients to make their purchases directly through the application.

9. Appcelerator

This is an open source web development platform that is best suited for the creation of native applications. It is one of the best to use in the creation of mobile apps, and it utilizes some of the best web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Applications created using Appcelerator can be viewed across multiple operating systems, meaning that users will be able to use the apps almost anywhere and on any device. The good thing about this platform is that it will accelerate the development process for you while giving you maximum flexibility during the coding process.

10. Como

This is a platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses to create useful, interactive apps for their businesses without having to break the bank. With Como, you gain access to all the tools you need to create a unique business app that will be of great use and service to your clients.

Creation of mobile apps is easy when you have an amazing development platform to back you up. With these and many other mobile app development platforms, you can be sure that your app development will be easy, affordable and effective at all times.