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Graphic and web designers are in constant search of new resources to bring freshness to their designing projects. After all, their job is about crafting wonderful pieces of appealing visual art by incorporating the use of the latest tools and resources. Boring repetition is a strict no-no. It is a creative field.

No two websites, newsletters or brochures are identical to each other. It requires a great deal of effort to produce a graphic art which is original as well as appealing. But, what is the major driving force behind a graphic designer’s creativity? It is his imagination.

So, I have tried listing down some useful online places that will trigger their imagination and help them find a way to channelize their ideas in the right direction.

Here are 10 Creative Websites for Graphic Designers to Explore Some Freebies Stuff

1. By People


By People houses a broad collection of resources on their site to power your next creative project. Here, you will find a myriad of templates, themes, multi-style CSS buttons, animated CSS buttons, code snippets, testing tools, typefaces and much more. A vast online community of users contribute useful resources on to the site’s library. It is curated and updated on a daily basis making it a great online hotspot to look for new graphic freebies.

2. Freebiesjedi


Need some inspiring ideas for creating design for your next print or electronic media assignment? Here’s Freebiesjedi, will help you find out some ready-to-use design templates for brochures, flyers, business cards, resumes and more. You will also get to see sample designs for product ads, WordPress themes, fonts, icons, graphics, images, infographics and much more. These sample design resources can be used to integrate in the project or to find some designing ideas.

3. CSS Author


CSS Author is one of the leading online providers of free resources for graphic and web designing. Its website is built around a blog which is dedicated to publishing relevant articles and posting tutorials for graphic designers and web developers. But, apart from that, CSS Author is a vast online repository of graphic freebies. The site is resourced with numerous mock-up designs, wallpaper/greeting design samples, user interface design kits, vector graphics, website templates and much more.

4. Pixel Buddha

pixel buddha

Pixel Buddha is another popular online space for exploring free graphic designing material. Its stock consists of animation, effects, fonts, templates, mock-ups and so on. It also runs its own blog that brings the latest news and reviews from the creative community.

5. DesignShock


As a designer, you are always scouting for unique background designs to incorporate in the design project. DesignShock is an home for an interesting collection of themes, icons, CSS frameworks, GUIs and more. It is also popular for its intriguing set of geometric background images which can be applied as wallpapers on mobiles and desktops or simply integrated in to your work. The designs are funky and colorful and come in a range of styles, including animals, landscapes, shapes, crystal formations, colorful bursts and more.

6. Flaticon


Flaticon is a site where you can get free icons. The site boosts of a vast collection of icons broadly classified in to various categories, namely animals, weather, transport, tools, utensils, networking and more. You will hardly find a category which is not included on their site. I have listed flaticon because here you will find all the relevant icons under one roof.

7. Optik Verve Labs


Are you looking for a free plug-ins to add more features to your photo editing software? Optik Verve Labs offers Virtual Photographer, which offers multiple features, such as 200 one-click preset effects, split-screen preview, Effect navigation, batch mode and more. Moreover, Optik Verve Labs provides a free software application called Virtual Studio, which is a full-fledged, digital photo editor.

8. Dezignus


Dezignus is a one-stop online shop for exploring a variety of graphic design resources. The site has a plethora of unique designs for brochures, business cards, posters, creative illustrations, t-shirt designs, book covers, album covers and more. Additionally, it offers vectors, background textures, Photoshop brushes, wallpapers and more in a variety of categories.

9. Hongkiat


Hongkiat is an important site to look for quality graphic designing tools and resources. The site has some amazing graphic designing freebies that will leave you mesmerized. It has an exclusive collection of pictograms, fonts, icon sets, infographics, templates, blog themes and more. Moreover, is a great site to explore some inspirational pieces of modern artwork, photography, wallpapers and graphics.

10. Arcsin Web Templates


In case, you are looking for free WordPress themes or website templates then here you will find amazing stuff to suit your work. Arcsin Web Templates is an online destination to look for templates for Joomla, Blogger, WordPress and more.

At the end

Graphic and web designing is a creative field and it involves conveying a piece of information, an idea or a message through visually-engaging graphic art form. Though the scope in this industry is quite vast, graphic designers often end up working on similar kind of projects. It becomes the sole responsibility of a designer to come up with an interesting graphic art which is not only unique but different and better than his contemporaries.

Few week ago I have also written post on CSS Tools for Designers and Developers, as web and graphic designers need more resources in their kitty so that their choices get diversified. The scope for creativity in graphic designing is limitless, depending solely upon the extent of one’s imagination. I hope my list contributes in some way or other to expand the creative horizons of web and graphic designers, animators and visual artists.

If you know about some more free resources on graphic designing then feel free to share with everyone by mentioning below in the comments section.