10 Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce Websites

WordPress started its journey as a platform for blogging, but now it is used as a strong solution for creating ecommerce websites. With this powerful WordPress Plugins architecture, an ordinary website can be easily transformed into a full-ledged digital shop. If you are also thinking to build your eCommerce website using WordPress, you might get confused about which plug-ins will best fit in your needs. To help you select the best among all, here is the list of 10 best WordPress plug-ins.

1. WooCommerce

Undoubtedly, WooCommerce is the most popular and free option to create an online store on WordPress platform.  Packed with out-of-the-box features, this extendable and powerful plug-in empowers to turn your own WordPress website in a multi-million dollars eCommerce store. WooCommerce also has a golden collection of both paid and free extensions and themes, which can be used to customize your online store to meet your particular needs. If looking for an intuitive, highly customizable and robust eCommerce plug-in, give WooCommerce a shot immediately.

2. WP eCommerce

It is another easy to use, but a powerful plug-in which has been there for many years.  It enables to customize CSS and HTML, so that you can have complete control over the feel and look of your online shop. Whether you sell digital downloads, physical inventory, subscriptions or memberships, this outstanding WordPress plug-in can make selling a great breeze. What is exclusive about WP eCommerce is its smooth checkout procedure which dramatically boosts your eStore’s conversation rate. This plug-in integrates flawlessly with lots of shippers and payment processors.

3. Easy Digital Downloads

This is a feature-rich, easy to setup and lightweight eCommerce solution available for selling the digital downloads through WordPress at no costs. Instead of including useless features, Easy Digital Downloads sells digital goods smoothly and simply by offering most useful features only. It ships using a very powerful reporting system which allows you to observe all your sales and earnings via simply to evaluate data tables and interactive graphs. EDD is the most friendly eCommerce solution for developers.
WordPress at no Cost

4. Ecwid

This plug-in makes pace in the market just by catering to the companies who do not wish to create a new website. The main feature of this plug-in is that you can integrate Ecwid system in a few minutes with your old website quickly. In addition, you can mirror the system on various other websites if you plan to sell elsewhere online. Rather than switching between many dashboards, manage all these websites from one place only. Another great feature is the synchronization between multiple devices. Sell on the move with your smartphone. Sell you products worldwide with more than 40 payment options, support of around 45 languages and real time shipping integration.

5. MarketPress

This is a feature rich, well designed and easily customizable eCommerce plug-in. The key motive behind creation of this magnificent plug-in is to deliver users a beautiful, enjoyable and simple shopping cart experience without an extension or add on. MarketPress is an effort to put the powers of various plug-ins together into a single individual eCommerce solution. This plug-in comes with nice looking themes which can be customized easily without touching any line of code. In addition, it is completely compatible with Multisite and BuddyPress so you can establish your network of online stores.
Establish Network of Online Stores

6. Jigoshop

This is a robust, secure and reliable eCommerce plug-in. Best suitable for SMEs, it features an innate dashboard via which you will have the capability to setup as well as manage your eStore within minutes. You can select from over 30 highly customizable and fully fledged themes which are appropriate for building any type of online store. It also offers hundreds of great extensions to take your online store to next level. It also has many reporting features – including stock report and sortable sales graphs – that offer you with real time insights into how the store is doing. Due to its user friendly and simple inventory system, handling inventory is quite easy with Jigoshop.

7. Cart66 Lite

This is a lightweight, highly efficient and secure eCommerce solution for making any type of “PCI compliant” store using WordPress. It uses Mijireh Checkout to collect as well as transmit credit card information securely to your preferred payment gateway. It also integrates perfectly with Amazon S3 in order to allow you to sell digital products with no hassles. It is simple to use yet quite powerful.

8. iThemes Exchange

This is a simple, extremely extendable and intuitive WordPress eCommerce plug-in. With a user friendly interface, iThemes Exchange makes product creation procedure quite simpler. It takes benefit of in-built WordPress users system for adding client information to its page. This way, you can manage your clients easily by viewing products purchased and available downloads, editing transaction and adding notes onto customer information. In order to make your buying experience simpler than before, it uses Stripe as the in-built payment gateway.
eCommerce Plug-in

9. Shopp

This is a popular plugin which works greatly with any WordPress Themes and comes with lots of features. It is built to work best with WordPress and it includes things such as short codes, dashboard widget for fast view of product histories and sales and themes widgets which let you drop elements and products into pages easily. You can create your order processing labels as well as move orders easily via each step of order fulfillment workflow, manually or automatically.

10. WPdeposit

This plug-in offers an exclusive alternative to the traditional eCommerce plugins. It allows you to set up credit system, just like stock image marketplaces. With WPdeposit, shoppers purchase credit cards that can be used to do purchases on your website.

WordPress offers many amazing solutions to build a successful eCommerce website with limited time and cost. With all these eCommerce WordPress plug-ins, you can create a modern eStore. We hope that these top 10 plug-ins prove to be extremely useful for you and they help you build a comprehensive eCommerce platform. So, create an eStore today with any of these plug-ins in a user friendly and cost effective way.