Design Tricks

It is not always enough to have a clear design and one with a distinct style. As a designer, you have to give it your all to ensure that it grabs user’s attention. Unfortunately, there is no clear way to achieve an eye-catching web design; but there are different techniques and design tricks that you can employ in order to increase your chances of being noticed online. Discussed here are some of those tricks that have been tried and tested before, which can give your design the attention it merits:

1. Simplicity

Many beginners think that they will grab the attention of users if they overload their designs, but this works the opposite way. Excess graphics, type and colors will turn your users away instead of capturing their attention but simplicity will keep them on your website for a longer time. A complicated design is very hard to read and understand. What your users see are different focal points that are trying to compete for priority. Keeping them to a minimum will work very well in drawing the attention of more users. The secret is in keeping your design clean, simple and to the point.

2. The leading lines

Leading Lines
Web designs are made up of lines, which run through the graphics and type. They act as a guide for the users on your designs. Web designers should pay attention to these lines if they want to grab attention with their designs. What lines do you see first when you look at your design? And where does that line lead to? This should help you to orient your elements in such a way that they create leading lines to the most important parts of your website. This should keep your website users on your designer for much longer.

3. Use of whitespace

Uses of Whitespaces
Whitespace is a very significant tool in web design. It helps designers to clarify, organize and also gives your designs a stylish look and feel. Whitespaces automatically draws the attention of web users towards different elements in web designs because they give a stylish effect to designs. Whitespaces can also be used to bring out a clean and stylish website design. You can use whitespace to attract the attention of your users to any part of your web design, whether it is in the content or images.

4. Using your call to action

Using Call to Action
This might be an old trick but it is a very effective tool that can easily and effectively grab the attention of your web users. Use a very stimulating piece of copy, one that has been written, designed and placed strategically to incite action in readers. This will work very well if you are designing for businesses or promotions.

5. Use of a convincing headline

Uses of Convincing Headline
One of the things web designers should have total control of, is their website’s headlines. Headlines should always be tailored in such a way that they capture the attention of users. Designers should therefore pick words, phrases and also terms to use on their headlines carefully. These should be words and phrases that will be appealing to their users. Use the element of surprise as these headlines stimulate and grab the attention of users quicker than the expected headlines. Headlines that are questions also work better in grabbing the attention of web users as they incite curiosity. Use questions that relate to what your users want to know about though.

6. Experiment with your medium

Playing around with your medium and experimenting as much as you can is a sure way to grab the attention of your users. A common way through which this can be done easily these days is in use of GIFs. A great thing is that GIFs are supported on every social media platform these days; therefore, you can use them in order to add some life and character to your designs. This will not fail in giving you the much attention your design needs.

7. Contrast

Contrast is basically the degree of difference between two elements. In web design, this can be in terms of color, shapes, and lines among other elements. Use of contrast in web designs can make your design stand out from the rest effortlessly, because you will be allowing some elements to pop out above the others.

8. Visual communication

Visual Communication
Visual communication is the best way to grab you web user’s attention, if you are trying to communicate an important idea, fact, figure or even a concept. Visuals will grab the attention of users faster and more consistently than even plain copy or numbers. There are many ways you can capture your message or data visually so as to represent that important data visually, to ensure that its target audience have been able to see it without fail.

9. Visual hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy
This is a very important element in web designing and it refers to the order in which human beings perceive what they see. It is very important when it comes to making your website visually catchy. Choose what you want your users to see and boost it in order to draw their attention to your website. This could be an image perhaps or any other element on your design.

10. Use of cues

Use of cues
This can help a lot if you have so many items of the same size or you want to showcase the most important elements on a certain page of your website. Using cues will be important in order to indicate the intended flow of your content and your users will be quick to follow.

The attention of your users is very important; therefore, you have to do your best to grab it. It is not easy to know what makes some people to stop and take notice of a certain design. This is because what attracts one person may not attract another. That is why you have to experiment as much as possible, incorporating some of these tricks, in order to create a design that is eye-catching.