If you are the kind of project manager who loves to showcase your work before you even start working on it, you can benefit quite a lot from wireframe tools. Such a tool can help you to quickly design a mockup website theme in just a few minutes, and then you can export or share it online easily. These days, online wireframing tools are quite powerful. They come with great user interface, allowing the user to create a blueprint in minutes. The reason why this is important is to impress your clients. Here are some of the best free and latest wireframe tools and templates you can use today:

1. JustInMind

This is one of the wireframes that is very rich in features. It comes as a completely free elite edition to help designers, programmers and project managers manage their projects better. With it, you are able to create unlimited projects and pages. This is an offline tool that provides interactive widget selection for iOS, Android and iPads apps. It comes with options for exporting to PDF and images as well as storing online, with a storage provision of 10 MB.

2. Lovely charts

Lovely charts
This is an easy to use free online wireframing tool that can be accessed through a free registration. All your projects will be saved online but you are able to export the entire chart as a jpg file or png in order to show the final wireframe design to your clients. This tool has been designed in such a manner that it creates prototypes very fast. It has fewer libraries for wireframing though, but you can always use the elements that are available in the application, which are in flowcharts, symbols and so on.

3. Wireframe sketcher

Wireframe sketcher
This is a great mobile app wireframe tool that has been designed in order to help manage projects for designers, developers and also project managers. You can download it for desktop and it is available for all operating systems. It comes with a 24 day trial period. The tool supports iOS, Windows, Android also web wireframe tools. You only drag and drop web elements to the workspace in order to create your own custom mockup design and you are good to go. It is a very easy to use wireframe tool that is good to use for both simple and complex sketches

4. NinjaMock

This is a great tool to choose for personal use, and it is absolutely free. It comes with all the mockup features you might need. If you want to use it for commercial projects, you will be required to subscribe to the paid application. With it, you get to choose a project tool to depend on the mockup that you want to build. This is a perfect tool to use for any mobile app design or website design.

5. Minimal

This is an online wireframe tool that can be used to create super fast mockups online. With it, you can start creating your simple projects for desktop browser, tablets, and mobile and so on. It has predefined templates that you will find very useful. The results can be saved online, a with a link to your project, which you can share freely with your friends or colleagues.

6. Gliffy

In order to use Gliffy, you register for free, and then you can use the web application to create mockups in any browser and share it with anyone you want. After creating mockups, you can export to jpg, png, svg and to any other platforms in just seconds. This is a tool that will help you create professional-quality flowcharts; UML diagrams Org charts, wireframes, network diagrams, technical drawings among others. It has a large set of libraries for modern website designs.

7. Mockingbird

Mockingbird - wireframe tools
With this wireframe online tool you get a free plan with just one project and 10 pages. It is a great tool that is essential for the creation of mockups for websites. It provides all the web elements in just one place. Once you are done, you can share your mocks with friends or even export them to png or psd files, the way you like.

8. UXPin

UXpin - wireframe tools
This is a great web application that comes with a 30-day free trial. It has some of the best features you might need when compared to all other wireframing tools available online today. The tool has a huge set of UI elements that you can play around with, for instance bootstrap widgets, semantic UI, flat UI kit, Google glass UI, iPhone UI among others. It has even more libraries included; therefore there is practically everything any designer would need to work with.

9. Balsamiq mockups

Balsamiq mockups - wireframe tools
This wireframe tool is available for download to all the operating systems in use today. It is more focused on website mockup and it comes with a wide range of great features which range between charts and accordion tabs and a lot more for any designer. Once you are done, you can export your files to PDF, PNG or even to a clipboard element.

10. MockFlow

MockFlow - wireframe tools
This is a very simple website wireframe tool which allows its users to create blueprints, website mockups like WordPress and Drupal as well as mockup app wireframes, software GUI among others in just a matter of minutes. You will find it very easy to add a new project in the mock flow wireframe tool. You are able to choose between web, mobile and theme based options. This is a perfect tool if you want to showcase your everyday mobile app wireframe projects easily.

Wireframe design tools are very useful for project management. They can help you show off your design even before you start working on it. With so many options out there, you can easily check out what suits your needs better as per the features the wireframe design tool comes with, its capabilities as well as how simple it is to use.