Business Apps

There are so many business apps available these days that can help improve your professional life in leaps and bounds. Some things that apps can help you with in business are communication, accounting, time management, organization as well as payments. Business apps simplify all these processes in order to save time for people in business as well as ensure that everything is done accurately and efficiently at all times.

Today,  business apps can help you practically everything, starting with a to-do-list to tasks delegation for employees. Others can help you track down your expenses and sales for smoother business operation. Here are some of the great businesses apps that you need to install today:

1. Mailchimp

This is a web based email marketing service that can help you send many emails in just one day. Emailing is becoming the most effective marketing strategies for modern businesses these days, which is why this app is important to have. With it, you should be able to design an email newsletter, share it on social media sites as well as see the number of people who have seen your emails among other things.

2. Evernote

This is a free mobile app that will help you become more efficient. There are many similar apps in the market today which work almost the same but Evernote has been tried and tested, therefore it is a great choice for anyone that is in business today. With it, you will be able to keep track of your ideas, documents, images, to-do-lists as well as save articles that interest you so that you can read them later on. It is the kind of app that will help you do almost everything anytime, anywhere.

3. Basecamp

This is a web-based project management application that can help a business person organize their projects, internal communication and also clients, all in one platform. From the app’s home screen you get a view of everything that is happening in every angle of your business. You will always be close to what is happening in the office once you start using Basecamp.

4. Trello

This is an amazing mobile app that can help you with organizing your work projects as well as managing tasks. It is one of the best project management tools you will get in the market today. With it, you should be able to organize your work tasks, travel plan and work together with your surroundings. One of its best strengths is the possibility to add labels and images to it. You are also able to use different colors. These are the features that help many users plan their tasks better as well as estimate the time the tasks are needed.

5. Todoist

This is a very useful mobile app for anyone that is looking for a great app that can help them manage their tasks better. Its has amazing features like the gamification technique is one of the many reasons why it is quite popular as a business app. Once you complete a task on the list, you are awarded a point. Another good thing with it is its compatibility with many platforms which include iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome as well as Mac devices.

6. Slack

This is the mobile app that can help you achieve effective communication with your team. This way, you will be able to finish your jobs faster. Slack is an instant messaging app that helps you organize your team conversations into either public or private channels as well as send direct messages. It will help you drag and share files and documents with or team too.

7. Google Drive

Google Drive - Mobile Business Apps
This is a free data storage service that can help you store your pictures, documents, any important documents and any other kind of digital files you may want to save for the future. And if this is not enough, the app can also be used as a tool where you can create documents. It is very similar to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Survey Monkey. It has processing tools named Google Docs, Google Forms and Google Slides. Its users are able to write, make slideshow presentations as well as create surveys, all on just one platform.

8. Buffer App

Buffer App - Mobile Business Apps
Now that social media is becoming more popular by the day, it is hard to do away with it just so you can concentrate on other tasks. If you are using the social media for your business marketing for instance, you need a scheduling tool like Buffer App to help you schedule your posts for four of the most popular social sites. This is the social media assistant you need so as to save time and at the same time ensure that you know what is going on in your favorite social sites.

9. RescueTime

Rescue Time - Mobile Business Apps
This is a very important time management software that is able to help its users become more productive in their day to day life. It does this by simply providing analytics for their time spent. With this app, a business person is able to know how his day has been by tracking down the time you spent on apps and the website in general. By the end of the day, you get a report about all the activities you have performed.

10. TripIt

Trip It - Mobile Business Apps
This is the business app that you need if you want to organize and prepare your business travels easily. There is a lot of time wastage whenever one is planning for a trip. Sometimes things do not go according to plan because of a small mistake that was made during the planning. This is a very important app as it can help you enjoy a headache free travel every time there is need to travel.

Mobile business apps are useful in saving time and energy for business people and also enabling them to work more effectively and efficiently. These are some of the best you can get in the market today.