Keep Your Visitors on Your Pages

Keeping visitors on your site longer has many great benefits to the business in the long run. It provides a good chance for the business to educate visitors on what they are dealing with as well as sell to them. It is also a great determining factor on how high your website will rank in the search engines. Search engines like Google are interested in websites that keep internet users engaged. These are the types of websites that are rewarded in terms of a higher ranking. Keeping the visitors on your site for a longer time is very important, that is why you should know about these hacks which can help you achieve that:

Here are 10 tips to keep your visitor for Longer time on your website

1. Having internal links in your body content

internal linkings
Instead of providing all the information your visitors need on the landing page, you can include two or three links in the body content of all your web pages and blog posts. This way, your visitors will not just hit the back button once they are done but stick around in order to engage more with your website.

2. Clean up your website

Clean Websites
Many people still believe that having a lot going on with your website is good, but this is one reason why many internet users do not stay on websites a little longer. If for instance you have more than necessary animated images, excess design features and anything else, this might be reason why you are finding it hard to keep customers online. What you need to do is to de-clutter your website. Change the design of your website and make it as simple as possible, and you will be able to convince your visitor to stay.

3. Reduce the number of fonts on your website

Font on your websites
To many internet users, a website with more than two or three fonts is out of date. This may be the reason why they are not staying longer on your website. To fix this, cut your number of fonts to two or three on your homepage. This is the only way you will give your website a more modern look, something which a lot of online shoppers want to see.

4. Use questions that provokes comments

Use Question
This is aimed at encouraging your visitors to leave comments. This has to be done in an easy manner if you want to improve your conversion rates. Your visitors might have to visit more than one page, just to leave a comment, which is quite helpful. You can end your posts with questions that prompt comments in order to keep the conversation going.

5. Work on your font size

Work on your font size
The size of your fonts matter to online shoppers and therefore could be the reason why your website is turning off visitors. You can try larger fonts to fix this issue. For a modern web design, 16 pixels is generally the minimum size of the body copy. Many people rely on the content of a website to know what the website is all about and how they can partner with the business. The content must be readable for the website to achieve its mandate.

6. Include statistics on your content

Sstatistics on your content
One of the things that will make your visitors stay a little longer on your website is if they feel that they can trust your brand. This can happen if you add statistics to your website content. In most cases, what the statistics say does not matter so much as long as it is there. The statistic will help enrich your content in such a manner that it can impact your conversion rate in the long run.

7. Use of visual breaks on your content

visual breaks on your content
Using blocks of text with no break is a great turn off for many internet users. First of all, organize your content in a very clear and easy to read manner as this is what will keep your visitors engaged for longer. In most cases, your visitors will not mind going through a long text as long as there are visual breaks in between. You can improve on this through the use of headings, sub headings, number lists, bullet lists among other ways.

8. Customize your images

Customize your images
Stock photography is very common in web design. Designers know just how intrigued internet users are about images. They tend to understand what a website is all about at a glance by just going through the images on the site. However, you can do a little more in order to keep your visitors a little longer on your website instead of using stock photos as they are, and instead customize the images in order to match with your website.

9. Use people’s images

Multi-ethnic group of studying indoors.
The truth of the matter is, people like looking at other people’s faces on websites. Such images add life to a website. People are also able to trust people’s images more than other stock graphics that are used on the web. Adding them to your site may not only keep your visitors longer on the site but also increase your conversion rate.

10. Use stories

Use stories
This is the oldest trick in effective marketing and it can still work even for modern day businesses. Story based content can work very well in keeping your visitors engaged on your website for a longer time. This is a strategy that will differentiate you from your competitors and at the same time giving marketing a whole new picture.

The most important thing for any business today is in acquiring as many customers as they can. This is easy to achieve if visitors stay on your website longer. On your website, they can learn more about your brand and even make a decision to buy. These are some fail free hacks you should try in order to keep your visitors glued to your website every time they visit.