CSS3 is the latest development of CSS language. Its popularity is growing every day purely because by using it, web designers are able to achieve effects that were barely available a few years ago. For instance, gradients, shadows, rounded corners, animals and transitions, and other effects that have been hard to get in other languages. With CSS3, you also get brand new layouts such as grid layouts, multi-columns or even flexible boxes for a great looking website. These are some of the most useful things that web designers need in order to create useful and impressive designs for their clients. There are so many techniques that web designers can learn about in order to effectively use CSS3 for the benefits it provides, some of these are discussed here:

1. Colors.css

The choices one makes when choosing colors when designing web pages is very important. Color communicates different things to different users. You have to choose your colors wisely to create an outstanding image. Picking the right color, especially for a hex code can be hectic. That is why you may need this technique. Color.css will help you make the right color choice when using CSS since the color options you get in CSS can be bland. This way, you can create impressive, useful designs for your users.

2. Buttons

This is a technique that helps you create HTML and CSS button styles that can be used in different types of browsers. With this technique, you gain access to so many buttons that you can use for your web designing. Some web designers copy other people’s buttons, which is okay as it saves time, but it is always good to stand out with your own unique buttons, especially if they are designed to match to your content and your brand.

3. Spinkit

This is a collection of animated loading indicators that are commonly used by web designers. These indicators can be customized very easily to help web designers finally realize what they have in mind. With SpinKit, you will be able to create smooth animations that can be customized with ease and can be customize to suit whatever needs you have. The results should work on any browser, making things easy for your users.

4. Animate.css

This is a very popular technique particularly on github.com. It is CSS3 based meaning it can help you create high performance applications, that will benefit your users. At its core, Animate.css is a a cross-browser collection of CSS animations that are very easy to use and equally impressive. If you would like to create the best designs for your users, you will need to look no further.

5. Blur filter

Blur Filter
This is a technique that uses some of the newest CSS features e.g. filters, 3D transform transitions as well as other great features that will help you create some of the best designs. There is so much a web designer can get from this technique. For instance, if you would like the chance to add creative, catchy layers to your design to make it popular to a particular audience then blur filter would be a good way to start. Layers in web designs look great, but only if they are used well, which is why this is such an important technique.

6. Double Ring

Double Ring - CSS3 Techniques
This is a very beautiful animated ring that can be used in a single element, but in more than one line of pure CSS in order to achieve the desired results.

7. CSS3D Clouds

CSS3D Clouds
This is a technique that allows you to play and come up with amazing and genuine clouds. This is the technique that gives you some of the best results that you will get in web design. These are possibilities that will enable you to create some of the most striking designs for your users. Sometimes the freedom to experiment is what web designers need in order to bring out the best in their designs, and this tool allows you to do that without stress.

8. Sliding Image Panels

Sliding Image Panels - CSS3 Techniques
This is a technique that can help you achieve a very smooth design even without the need for JS. It is the best to use when you would like to create neat sliding image panels with only CSS. To achieve this, you must use background images for the panels which you can then be animated when you click on a tag. Everyone who has used this technique is impressed by the results that they get.

9. Navigation Bar by Jan Kaděra

Navigation Bar - CSS3 Techniques
This is one of the best navigation bars you will get today in the web design world. It is simple yet classy; just what you need to impress your users. It uses only a few CSS codes and the results look great and are definitely worth it. You also get some of the most recent CSS features, transition and transform, in order to get the desired depth and field effect. This is just what you need to help direct users to your website.

10. CSS A/Z

CSS - CSS3 Techniques
This is a great technique for those that would like to use CSS in a more artistic way. Here, alphabets are used to create animations that come up out of every letter of your choice. For every letter that has been made, there will be an animated sketch that you can use every day for at least 26 days, which means different, striking, and unique designs for your web projects.

With the increasing popularity of CSS today, web designers need to know what to do in order to reap all the benefits of using it. There is always more that a web designer can do as long as they have the right tools and features, and this is what CSS3 offers. Web design is an art, therefore, web designers need to be able to experiment so that they can see what works and what does not, especially in regards to their target market. These techniques should be a good starting point for the budding designer.