Are you a programmer who wants to showcase your programming skills and win cool rewards? Do you want to learn coding through practical learning and challenges? Programming is a growing field and hence programmers need to constantly hone their skills and update themselves with new information. Books and online courses are surely very powerful modes of learning. But, if you want to engage with programming in a fun way, then there are some good websites out there that can help.

For instance, solving programming puzzles or entering in coding competitions allows approaching programming from a different perspective. These programming contest websites serve as a great medium of practical learning. Moreover, coding challenges or similar kind of platforms allow developers to showcase their programming skills, submit their games or apps and earn benefits, like job offers, cash prizes and other kinds of rewards. Alright, so if you want to know more about such online platforms, then read on to find out 10 platforms that can help showcase your programming skills. The list includes some popular programming contest websites, online hiring platforms and coding challenges.

1. Topcoder

With more than 1,000,000 registered members, Topcoder is a huge crowdsourcing marketplace in the world that brings technology professionals and employers on a unified platform and facilitates collaboration between them. On Topcoder platform, big companies like Amazon and IBM post their project requirements in the form of multiple, contest-driven coding challenges. Professionals, such as data scientists, programmers and designers enter these contests to win monetary prizes or rewards. Topcoder hosts several types of contests, such as Bug Hunts, Algorithms, Development, Marathon Matches and more.

2. CodeChef

CodeChef is a community-based platform which encourages aspiring programmers to become better learners through various coding challenges and programming contests. The website hosts several small and big programming contests which have some great rewards and cash prizes to offer winners. Besides, CodeChef is a robust learning resource providing discussion forums, training sessions and tutorials on binary search, algorithms and other related technicalities.

3. SpilGames

SpilGames is a popular gaming company which provides free and featured games through its several web-based gaming portals as well as through iOS and Android mobile platforms. It allows game developers to publish their games on its website and gain success and revenue easily. SpilGames allows game publishers to tap into the open marketplace of millions of mobile and web users. It also provides analytics and marketing tools allowing game publishers to connect with new and existing users, deliver targeted and content-rich ads and earn from advertising revenue.

4. HackerEarth

HackerEarth serves as a robust online platform for large and small software enterprises to host online coding challenges and recruit candidates based on their success. It is a popular platform which lets companies ditch the traditional hiring process and opt for something which is more cost-effective and efficient. Big companies scout for fresh and efficient software talent to fill in various job requirements for different roles, at various levels. So, there is a great chance of landing a job offer or winning cool rewards by participating in hackathons and coding contests. HackerEarth hosts contests for several programming languages and also supports questions in multiple formats.

5. Programmr

Programmr is a great online destination to participate in a range of programming contests and win rewards, job offers and cash prizes. One can solve programming puzzles or submit apps in contests. Programmr provides a great platform for programmers to learn and improve their coding skills by entering in to coding challenges as well as offers ‘Programmr Certification’ for programming contests on Java, Python, PHP, C++ and C#. The website also delivers useful courses on programming languages, game development, web-based and mobile technologies, database and more.

6. Sphere Online Judge

Sphere Online Judge or SPOJ is a huge resource for developers to train their brain by solving various programming puzzles as well as coding challenges. The website hosts thousands of coding contests and currently supports contests in 45+ programming languages. It features user-submitted programs, e-learning courses as well as coding competitions started by corporates. SPOJ offers a lucrative chance for programmers to showcase their skills in various coding challenges and win cash rewards, cool merchandise and job offers.

7. Codility

Codility is a popular hiring platform used by companies and business owners for scouting talented engineers, software developers and technology professionals to meet their job requirements at various levels. The platform allows employers to connect with the right set of candidates, test their programming skills and hire them for a job. Companies can easily create online programming tests, skill development programs and coding tasks for the candidates. Codility caters to various types of software professionals, such as iOS developers, Java developers.

8. Devpost

Devpost is a community-driven online platform which allows software developers and technology professionals to showcase their inventions and gain exposure. One can submit any software project like an open-source hack, a mobile app or an Arduino prototype. Moreover, on Devpost, one can participate in various in-person and online hackathons and coding competitions to win awesome prizes and other benefits. The platform offers great features for both developers as well as organizations for running and managing hackathons.

9. CodeEval

CodeEval is one of the leading code challenge platforms in the market. The platform allows programmers to create their personalized profiles which allows them to display useful information, such as their rankings, scores, statistics and other information. Enterprise teams can start their own programming challenges and organizations can offer various kinds of rewards, including hacker deals and job offers. The platform currently supports 25+ programming languages, such as Java, PHP, Perl, Scala, JavaScript and C. Over 2800 companies and 85000 developers use the CodeEval platform.

10. HackerRank

HackerRank offers a coding-based, technical hiring platform for companies and business owners to recruit software engineers for various technical roles. The platform is used by 1000+ companies which include Facebook, Evernote, Snapdeal and airbnb. The HackerRank Community is a vast community of programmers which provides learning challenges and coding competitions in various areas of software technology.

Alright, so these are the 10 popular online platforms for software developers as well as technology professionals to showcase their programming skills and earn various kinds of rewards. Moreover, these websites also serve as a medium to practice and improve coding skills. If you have some more names to add to the list then you can list them in the comments section below. Thank you.