In today’s age of social media dominating the way that we interact with each other and products, business owners and influencers need to ensure that they maintain an online presence that separates them from their competition. There are several different social media platforms that you can use to further the overall progress of your endeavors or services however one of the most popular platforms out right now is Instagram. What sets Instagram apart from other social media platforms is its focus on media-driven content. 

With many other social media platforms, the primary means of communication and interacting with your audience is via text and other sorts of interactions that can seem distant and disconnected to many people. Instagram on the other hands focuses strictly on videos and photos which allows users to share their experiences, market their business, and engage with the world in a much more meaningful way. 

To gain the most out of your Instagram profile, you need to consistently work for regular interaction with your content and engagement with any links that you may post. Obtaining these statistics for your Instagram can be achieved using a variety of different methods. One of the most popular methods for increasing Instagram engagement is to buy Instagram likes and there are many different ways that you can go about doing it. 

Aside from being forced to buy Instagram likes as the only way to increase your interaction rate, you can implement other organic methods in addition to buying likes for maximum results. For beginning online marketers, influencers, or business owners, understanding how to grow your audience using Instagram can be tricky which is why you need to educate yourself about all of the different options available to you. 

Below, we’re going to cover some of the most effective and commonly used methods that Instagram marketers and influencers use to promote their pages, products, or whatever else they may be offering to their audience. 

How to Approach Instagram Marketing? 


Instagram can be a very tricky platform to use for marketing purposes simply because there have been a lot of new regulations and community guideline updates in recent years. While these new guidelines do restrict how you can approach marketing on the platform as a whole, there are still some very effective and viable ways for you to reach a larger audience. When you buy Instagram likes you will typically have the option of selecting how many followers, likes, comments, etc that you want to receive. 

Since Instagram has tightened their rules about spamming, you should only purchase around 150-200 interaction rollouts per hour. This way you can ensure that your profile is safe from being flagged and removed by Instagram without impacting the overall reach and marketing power that you’re trying to achieve. When you buy Instagram likes, you are essentially speeding up the process of blasting your content to a broader audience without having to put in any real work behind it. This is a great way to increase followers and interaction for the short term however if you plan on improving your Instagram ranking long-term, you will need to use more organic ways to find people who want to interact with your content. 

Top Instagram Marketing Tips 

Nothing can beat organic engagement and interaction with your followers, even when you buy Instagram likes you still will not be engaging with your audience in a way that brings real value to them. In order to be successful with your Instagram marketing strategy, you will need to find ways that you can connect with people in a meaningful way instead of posting repetitive comments that are bland and general. 

Look at the top 10 Instagram marketing tips below if you still want to experience the benefits of how powerful the platform can be for business and other areas of your endeavors. 

10 Most Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips


  • Change your profile to a Business account

By changing your profile to a business account, you will change the way that Instagram looks at your profile in its algorithm. Business profiles are promoted more often and get more engagement because they are seen as more legitimate profiles than individual users alone. 

  • Use what Instagram provides

Instagram is already packed with a lot of integrated features you can use to further your marketing efforts, the sharing feature and direct messaging are two of them. 

  • Tease your audience

Post previews and upcoming announcements about your products or services before they are released to get people engaged that will keep coming back to your profile. 

  • Sponsor some influencers

Consider reaching out to people who already have a large following that would likely be interested in your products or services as well and ask them if they would like to do a paid advertising partnership with you. 

  • Utilize Instagram stories

Instagram stories is a fairly new feature however people engage with user stories a lot so by adding one or two stories a day, you can see a dramatic change in your engagement numbers. 

  • Use Instagram Ads

This can be a really great way to reach a wider consumer base because it allows you to target specific people with specific interests making more efficient use of your advertising budget. 

  • Use hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of the Instagram platform so consider creating your own unique hashtags that represent your brand to reach a wider audience than you currently are. 

  • Choose the times you post wisely

Instagram has a weird algorithm that pushes content to people when they are expected to be online the most. Let’s say you post some content to your profile at 3 am, if you posted the exact same post at 3 pm you would see a significantly higher rate of all-around engagement and likes because people are likely to be online at 3 pm more than they would at 3 am. 

  • Track the proper analytics

Instagram provides you with in-depth analytics reporting and tracking as a standard feature with business profiles. However, there are many different metrics that the platform tracks, to make sure you’re gaining real results; you should only pay attention to your follower growth rate and the amount of engagement that you get ie likes, comments, etc. 

  • Give your profile a theme

People tend to interact with brands and people who are familiar with and maintain a sense of uniformity. By making sure that your profile maintains a similar look and “personality” consistently, you can increase your engagement sustainably. 

Instagram is a powerful platform that allows you to brand and market like no other, take advantage of it and buy Instagram likes to start seeing the interaction you want.