As computer technology continues to advance, the demand for better service providers, particularly web developers becomes high as well. This is because these days, there is a lot more that web developers can do, than what they were tasked with in the past. The meaning of this is that one needs more skills everyday to work better on every project that is entrusted to them. If you are a web developer today, there is need to continue expanding your skills as this is what will keep you relevant in the industry. So, here are some of the skills you should add on to your resume:

1. JavaScript skills

JavaScript is one of the most important skills recruiters all over the world are looking for before they can hire anyone, not just developers. What this means is that a developer who has mastered the skill really well will always find something to do within the current technology. It is therefore important to make sure that you are proficient in JavaScript to stay relevant in this industry. Do not overlook other programming languages though as they are also very important in web development.

2. Persuasiveness

There are a number of soft skills that every web developer need to work on, which can help a lot with attaining success in their career. You need to work on such skills as client management skills, communication skills, critical thinking, and work ethic among others. These are very important skills in their own way. Client management skills for instance can help you deal with different types of clients, no matter what their background and understanding of web development is. If you have something better to offer for better results, it is easy to explain yourself if you have such skills, in order to convince the client to trust you with the project.

3. Learn how to work with big data projects

As the days go by, projects gets bigger in terms of data, therefore it will help a lot to learn how to work on big data projects. In just one year, big data projects have gotten bigger, and this does not seem to stop any time soon. Therefore, if you want to work better as the years go by, you have to learn how to work on these kinds of projects like an expert. Experts say that this is a trend and web developers have to develop skills to handle more data in their coming projects.

4. Flexibility

This is an important skill to master and develop by web developers. The demands of different clients are different; you have to be willing to serve them in order to attract more jobs. If you are a full-stack web developer for instance, it is likely that there is more demand for your services than you can supply. This is because of your ability to switch from one technology to the other with ease.

5. Internet of things

learn-iot - Successful Web Developers
Everyone wants to learn IoT, both as a recruitment requirement by many firms these days and also as a skill that can help any developer. This is a skill that can open opportunities for a web developer to go beyond displays in order to get a chance to develop something for their environment and surroundings as well.

6. Going mobile

mobile - Successful Web Developers
These days, mobile developers are the most needed especially those who can develop cross-browser and cross-platform websites and applications. Nothing much is needed for this as long as you can write the code really well. Success will come after thorough marketing in order to attract and retain customers.

7. Working with a full stack

full-stack - Successful Web Developers
There is nothing as great in web development as being able to work comfortably with any technology and platform that is introduced into the market. This is a great skill that web developers need to master because this is one of the things that recruiters are looking for when hiring web developers. If you want to attract more jobs in the future, master the full stack and practice well in order to work effectively using any technology or platform and not just a few.

8. How to intensify your security

security - Successful Web Developers
Security is still a major threat for many companies these days. It is important for a web developer to learn more about how they can continue staying safe in the web and how to safeguard their codes too. Network security is important because a lot of things can go wrong if you were scammed. Companies you are working for could be affected as well. Therefore you should learn how to stay safe not just for you, but for your customers as well.

9. Diversification

These days, it is not easy to tell what people prefer in terms of programming languages. Therefore, a smart web developer will diversify in order to be ready to take up any project that comes his way. There are so many programming languages in use these days, and all of them are easy to learn. These days, there is no right language to learn as all of them are important in their own way. In order to stay current and work better even as the technology advances, it is good to diversify in the skills that you already have. This will prepare you for any job that will come up.

10. Be more agile

business agility - Successful Web Developers
This is one of the most important skills that web developers need to develop today. Being an agile developer will help a lot in the long run, but you have to keep it minimal. It’s the same as being hungry yet very humble. Your ability to break down your projects into small stories, being able to prioritize, to adapt to changes and ensuring that you are delivering the best at all times is what is needed years to come in this industry.

Things are changing quickly in computer technology. It is only right for web developers to develop skills that will enable them to stay put in the industry and to serve more clients every day.