As SEOs and digital marketers, Google ranking is all we care about for our businesses. Organic ranking can easily make or break a company. Google is very complex when it comes to deciding which website will rank on the first page and which will not. In this article, we are going to tell you 10 things that you should do make sure that your website is at the top of Google ranking.

1. Social Share

Always focus on getting more social shares for your website. It is obvious to Google that if a website is popular, it will get a lot of social traction. If your website is not getting any, Google will determine that the site is not good enough to be within the top 10 positions of Google. One good strategy is to have an active account in every social media possible. Do not just go for the account creation process only, try to stay active on the accounts. Depending on the size of your business, you can also think of hiring someone to manage your social media accounts.
Social Share

2. Good Branding

Most experts do not agree but this is true that Google really cares about branding. How do you create good branding for your website? You do it simply by making sure that the name of your company or website is out there whether it is linked back to your website or not. Think about it for a second. Who would Google rather rank for the soft drinks keyword? Is it a website that is very well optimized for this keyword or is it Pepsi or Coca-Cola? These companies didn’t even try to rank for the keyword but they will be ranked anyways because of good branding.

3. On Page SEO

On Page SEO can do wonders for your website. What’s on-page SEO? It is when you optimize your website to make it look friendly and easier to navigate for your customers. On page SEO primarily focuses on things like perfect URL, good title, handsome amount of keyword usage throughout the article, image optimization and so on.

It is a vast topic and if you are not familiar with the world of on page SEO, you should hire a professional who will take care of it for you.Google Search

4. Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is probably the most important factor in ranking a website. Most people think that off page SEO is all about backlinks, but it is a lot more than that. Websites like Backlinko will help you a lot in learning the art of off page SEO.

Always remember that off-page SEO is not something that you can do and forget about in a day. It is a long term game that you will be playing with Google to keep your website up in the rankings.

5. Regular Update

Try to update new content on your website every now and then. Google likes websites that have a fresh look and content is one of the few elements that you can constantly use to keep your website fresh. Let’s face it. We cannot really do a new design of the website every now and then, can we?

Always try to maintain a rhythm when it comes to uploading fresh content on your website. If you upload content on Mondays, make sure that you upload one on every Monday and not on Tuesdays. Google likes websites which follow a rhythmic pattern as it helps Google bots to come and explore your web pages.

6. Consistent Traffic Flow

What’s the easiest way for Google to find out whether a website is worth ranking on the first page or not? It is to see how many people visit that website every day. Therefore, if you have a good number of visitor visiting your website then that is a signal to Google that you should be ranked higher.

7. Low Bounce Rate

Always try to keep your bounce rate low. Google loves websites where people spend a lot of time and the lower the bounce rate is, the higher is the time that people spend on your website’s different pages. Make sure that they do not leave the site immediately by offering brilliant content.Google

8. Site Speed

Google has said on different occasions that if you do not have a decent site speed, they are going to downgrade your ranking. A site is not well-optimized if it takes more than 3 seconds to load . If you are having issues with your site speed, make sure that you optimize your website first. If that doesn’t work out, the second best option is to go for a better hosting service.

In general, VPS hosting or cloud based servers perform way better than regular shared hosting accounts.

9. Optimize Everything

There is nothing better than having a well-optimized website. Always make sure that your website is perfectly optimized whether it image, regular content or videos. Each and every page of your website should load perfectly and there should not be any 404 or other kinds of URL error on the site. If you can make that happen, Google will love your website even more and will almost always give you a better ranking.

10. Ask for Engagement

Always ask for engagement on your website, especially if you are not getting any. There is nothing wrong in asking for a comment on your article if you have spent a good amount of time in preparing it. Google wants to rank websites which have a lot of comment, shares and discussions in them. This tells Google that the website is vibrant and active enough to be ranked higher.

If you can take care of these issues, you will get a better ranking from Google. It may sound oversimplified but that is exactly what it is. Google ranking factors are robotic and they wait for the perfect signal to rank or drop a website. If you can give them the exact thing that they are looking for, you will almost always receive a better ranking.