As mobile technology advances, there is an increasing need for mobile apps that are easy to use. Therefore, web developers have to learn how to create cross-platform mobile apps in order to accommodate all mobile device users. The challenge that many developers face today is designing a single app that can be run on every platform without changing anything on that application. However, things are changing, and it is becoming very easy to design apps for multiple platforms, especially with the mobile web app framework that web developers can use. Here are some of the best you can get today:

1. Ionic

This is currently the most popular mobile web app framework in use today, making it one of the best choices for many budding web developers today. In order to get the best results, pair its CSS portion with Angular.JS. One of the best things about using Iconic is that it works with predefined components, and its command line interface comes with a lot of great features that will help to make your design work much easier.

2. jQuery Mobile

This is considered the best of all mobile web app frameworks, mainly because it helps developers to create web apps that will work the same on all mobile browsers. It is very light weight and it highly depends on jQuery. Another great advantage is that it is very easy to learn. You can take advantage of its great touch recognition and Cordova support in order to enjoy its ease of use on your next project.

3. React Native

react-native - Mobile Web App Framework
This is the best framework to use in the creation of proper native applications. However, development of apps will be done through React and JavaScript. The complexity of this framework makes it ideal for more experienced developers, as beginners may find it a little confusing. However, it has a very active community that will help provide any support that you may need.

4. Famous

famous - Mobile Web App Framework
Famous is very different from other mobile web app frameworks because of its approach to web and mobile development. It uses both WebGL and DOM, and everything is displayed in a canvas, making it look similar to many HTML game engines. However, it is no longer actively developed, which makes it difficult to get a good reference if you need one.

5. Onsen UI

This is a great open-source mobile web app framework that gives web developers the autonomy to develop apps by combining different native-looking components. The framework is very easy to use, and comes with great documentation which includes a variety of examples, as well as layouts for some of the common app structures you might consider while developing your apps. The Onsen UI also works with predefined components, making it one of the best frameworks to use today.

6. Kendo UI

kendo-ui - Mobile Web App Framework
This is a great framework that is useful in creating any kind of web app, and combines the use of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This framework mainly relies on jQuery and comes with more than 70 jQuery widgets that are ready to use. Web developers are able to integrate it with Angular too. One of the best things about using Kendo UI is that you get a built-in pack full of ready to use themes which feature material design feel and look. You also get a theme builder which allows you to create custom themes for your apps, making it an exceptional and a great framework to use for your next project.

7. Native Script

Native script is one of the best frameworks to use because it allows developers to write the programming for their apps in JavaScript once, then it transforms the coding so that it can be used with either Windows, Android or iOS devices. The best part is, you do not have to be a coding expert to be able to use this framework, as the app comes with extensive documentation to help you along, making it one of the easiest mobile web app frameworks to use.

8. Sencha Touch

This is a great framework that can be used to build cross platform, end-to-end mobile web applications. It uses both HTML5 and JavaScript, which is probably why it is the most widely used mobile web app development framework, especially in the commercial industry where it is the standard in enterprises. It comes with a variety of products that when used together with Sencha Touch help web developers achieve their development goals.

9. Framework 7

Of all the frameworks on this list, this is probably one of the most unique one as it does not have any external dependencies like React and Angular. However, despite this, it will still make your apps to look and feel great. This is one of the best engines to use if you would like to add style components, and the animations that are possible with it look fantastic. If you are familiar with CSS, JavaScript and HTML, you do not have to complicate the code in order to create a great app using Framework 7.

10. Intel XDK

intel-xdk - Mobile Web App Framework
This is a new framework which is a little different from all the others. It comes with a variety of tools that help in the development, emulation and testing of your mobile apps. It has amazing tools that can help in debugging and publishing of cross platform HTML5 apps, and packs a host of ready-to-use app templates that have been built using the app framework. With it, you can build applications for Windows phone, iOS, Tizen, Android and Firefox OS. It is also the best framework to use in the development of web apps for Amazon, Facebook, and Google Chrome.

With that in mind, it is important to remember that there is no mobile web app framework that is better than all the others. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore, it is up to you to choose the one that works best for you and your development style.