Subscribers on YouTube

Everyone wants more YouTube subscribers, the more people who view your videos, the better . Whether you already have a YouTube channel or you are thinking about opening one, you will definitely need subscribers.

Subscribers are the life of a YouTube channel as this decides if you are going to be popular on YouTube or not. Whether it is a fun lifestyle blog or a business channel, you will need subscribers to constantly target them, as it is not possible to always reach your subscribers with the help of YouTube SEO.

In this article, we are going to look at 11 amazing and interesting hacks, which will help you get more subscribers on YouTube. Let’s start.


1. Create a Plan

Before you do anything, you should plan your strategies for the next few months. Proper planning can do wonders for your YouTube channel. Start by looking at your competitors. Try to figure out whether a niche is going to be easy or not for your upcoming venture. Look at your competition and try to understand why they are performing well with their YouTube channels. If you think that you can beat them with your channel, you should go for it. On the other hand, if you think that your quality is not yet good enough to compete with them, it is always better to look for more options.

2. Engaging Content

YouTube is a platform that allows people to upload, share and watch videos whenever they want. However, people are not going to watch your video if your video is not interesting and fun enough. To make sure that you have highly engaging content in your video, always script your videos properly before even trying to shoot it. This will always result in quality content that people love to watch.
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3. Schedule

Try to have a proper schedule of uploading your content on YouTube. Think of your YouTube channel as a program on a television. You should upload your videos at a fixed day. This allows your viewers to anticipate when your next video will be released. This will save a spot for your video on your subscriber’s homepage of YouTube. Therefore, it will result in more views, which will lead to more subscribers.

4. Frequency

Try to upload as many videos as possible. If you look at the top YouTubers out there, you will see that they try to upload every day if possible. There is a reason behind that. The more number of videos you have out there, the more is the chance for you to get subscribers. Therefore, if possible then try to upload one video a day.

5. Perfect Titles

Try to always write an awesome title for your video. Titles do matter a lot because this is one of the first things that people look at when they are trying to decide whether to watch your videos or not. Keep the title interesting and try to give a vibe of what people are going to receive inside the video.

6. Perfect Thumbnails

Thumbnails are more important now than they ever were before because of a few changes of YouTube. YouTube now ranks videos based on their click through rate which means that if more people click on your video to watch it, your video is going to get a better ranking. Thumbnail is one of the key things that people look at when there trying to decide whether to watch a video or not. You should always take that chance.

Also, YouTube has increased the size of thumbnails in their recent update, which means that thumbnails are now more important than before to attract people to watch your video. It will help you even if they do not watch the video, but click on your Thumbnail.
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7. Good Trailer

Have a fun and interesting trailer on your YouTube channel which will tell the viewers what to expect in this channel. The trailer should be short and interesting. You shouldn’t talk too much in the trailer. It should be more of a welcoming video for your audience.

8. Ask for It

You can always ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is a common practice done by almost all YouTubers out there and there is nothing wrong in it. The reason behind this is very simple. People often do not understand how important it is for a youtube channel to get subscribers. When you ask for it, your true fans will always subscribe to a YouTube channel and these are the people who actually matter.

9. Show The Option At the End

YouTube allows you to show the subscription option and the end of your video. Try to use that to maximize the number of people who subscribed to your YouTube channel. Often people do not think about subscribing to your channel unless they see that option. That is why it is important for you to make sure that you put the subscribe option at the end of each of your videos. Also, if you want to get more views, then don’t forget to link to your other videos from the end of your videos.

10. Ask For Shares

There is no harm in asking for share and more views. At the end or in the beginning of your video, always ask people to share the video with their friends and family if they like it. This is a Win-Win situation, because people are not going to share your video anyway if they don’t like it. Therefore, you have nothing to lose in this case but a lot to gain.

11. Do YouTube SEO

Did you know that you can actually do SEO for your YouTube channel? Yes, it is possible and many do this to make sure that their videos appear higher when people search using different terms. You can use the power of Search Engine Optimization too to make sure that your videos make it there. It is not going to be easy so if possible, try to take help from someone who knows the ins and outs of SEO.