Programming Trends in 2017

Can you imagine your life without the internet? It is highly unlikely that you can. The internet is excellent, though it is constantly evolving which means that developers are tasked with being abreast of all the current changes. People are using it for almost everything they are doing today, from watching news, socializing, shopping, to banking, among other things. The demand for web development is therefore on the rise in order to meet the demand of millions of web users worldwide. Trends are what define web development at that particular time and they keep changing in order to accommodate newer ideas and phase out those ideas that are already obsolete. Here are some of the current web programming trends you are likely to see this year:

1. 360 Degree Video

360 Degree Video
Videos have been ruling the internet for a while, and they have evolved from what they used to be, and become an out of this world experience. This is what the 360 degree video is all about. It ensures that those who are online have an experience that is highly interactive, and engage web visitors for longer periods of time. This ensures that the number of views can increase significantly on web pages, which in the long run, can lead to more conversions.

2. Internet of Things

Internet of Things
This is a trend that is sweeping through the world of web development. It started a while back, though since the year 2015, there has been considerable growth of the internet of things. This is what was predicted by experts in this area. This trend makes it possible for there to be an exchange of information, in a way that was not possible a few years back. Today, we have smart objects that have been linked to the internet. It is basically a way to make things a lot easier for people.

3. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails
This is a set that more and more developers are leaning on since it is so easy to use. With it, it is possible to create single page applications without needing to be dependent on frameworks from java. Furthermore, the effort that is placed on its consistent development ensures that the person using it can focus on what they do the best which is how the website will look towards the end. Ruby on rails sorts out everything else with ease.

4. Color use and gradients

Color use and Gradients
These days, the buzz around flat design is dying down, and the focus has shifted to what gives a brand its identity, culture and personality. Today, there are more colors and gradients used so as to bring out visually interesting designs with bold styles, which can easily pass on a brand. When this is done together with enhanced usability for the user, web development will be a great success for modern developers

5. Motion UI

Motion UI
This has been a trend that has simply refused to lose steam, as it continues to make waves this year. Movement is big, especially when it comes to getting people to visit websites. That is what this trend has managed to capture with ease. Developers are using Motion UI to create websites that have life, and which also react to every user that logs in to them. This is special effects on your screen.

6. Material designs

Material Designs
Material design is basically a philosophy by Google that defines how an app should look and perform on a wireless device. With it, it is possible to make all types of alterations, including to the style of the website and the way that animations appear in the layouts. Visually, it is taking over from similar interfaces and becoming a key tool for developers.

7. Static website generators

Static Website Generators
When you are looking to create a website that runs on servers, then this is what you should consider. This continues to be a trend as it is an excellent way for websites to be created. The files for the creation are greatly simplified as they are from plain transcripts stored in files other than databases. With them, you get to enjoy benefits such as handling of traffic flow, security, increased speed and ease of operation among others. It makes it easier to load websites, as well as get better security.

8. Single page websites

Single Page Websites
Multiple tabs to go through, and pages that link to more pages are now a thing of the past. Websites are no longer confusing and hard to navigate. Now, it is possible to go through a one page website, and companies, blogs as well as other users are choosing this type of website. They are easy to use, especially on mobile devices when people are on the go.

9. Angular 2 and beyond

Angular 2 and Beyond
Angular 2 came with a lot of transformations for instance Google’s JavaScript framework, which was totally redesigned. Its benefit is that it takes advantage of features found in JavaScript ES6. There are newer updates expected soon, and this means better features and capabilities that will make web development a lot easier and effective.

10. Yarn Package Manager

Yarn Package Manager
One of the trends that continues to grow for web developers is package managers. They continue to grow in popularity and make it easier for developers to carry out a range of operations in the applications that they are creating. This includes configuration of apps, as well as how they are to be updated or installed. It is also possible to uninstall code modules. There are those package managers that have been in use for a very long time, for instance Bower and NLM. Now there is Yarn, a package manager that was developed by Facebook in collaboration with Google, Exponent and Tilde. This is the next big thing to look out for this year and in years to come.

11. Virtual reality

Virtual Reality
This is the future and a very popular trend in web development especially in the gaming industry. It began with the coming of Vive and Oculus Rift, which brought great possibilities to the world of gaming but that does not stop there. Global companies like Google and Mozilla are bringing APIs that will help a lot in the transition of virtual reality.

It is important for web developers to be aware of the latest trends in web programming in order to design websites that match with these trends and those that will increase user experience. These trends change every now and then as web development evolves. It will therefore beneficial to be on the lookout so as to know what is trending at all times.