Not Getting Results on Twitter

Many think that Twitter is now a dead social media. Is it so? Well, not really because Twitter has more than 67 million users alone in United States. If you are not getting your desired results on Twitter that doesn’t mean that Twitter itself is dying. It can also mean that you are not doing your duties right.In this article, we are going to look at 11 reasons why you are not getting your desired results on Twitter. Let’s begin.

Here are the 11 reasons why you are not getting results on Twitter

1. Posting Same Links

Do not bomb your twitter feed with the same links and statuses again and again. This is one big reason that why people do not get enough reach on twitter. Twitter algorithm works in a very unique way, where they try to keep the most relevant and most recent topics on the feed. When you post similar to the same link multiple times, your account gets into a place from where none of your content reaches to the mass like it used to do before.

2. Aggressive Follow and Unfollow

Many use the aggressive follow and unfollow tactic to gain followers. The idea is simple. You simply login to your twitter account and then follow people all over the world. Naturally, some of them follow you back and you then unfollow them to keep the ratio perfect. Twitter knows about this strategy and that is why they actively fine accounts that use this shady tactic.

3. Avoiding Trending Topics

Twitter is a place where people search for their daily doze of news. Therefore, you can use that advantage to maximize your reach by using the same hashtags that the trending topics are using. However, you have to make sure that you are staying relevant. You cannot just use your cat profile to talk about terrorism out of nowhere. But if you are creative enough, you will find a story where a cat escaped while there was a terror attack to match every criterion to be a trending topic yourself.

4. Abusing Trending Topics

Again, Twitter knows that you are trying to abuse trending topics to try and be relevant where there is no connection between your profile and the trending topic. A non-meaningful hashtag might give you some immediate reach, but it is going to hurt you in the long run. Therefore, make sure that you are not abusing the trending topics. Always stay relevant and that’s how you will always win the battle in the long run.

5. Automated Tweets

There are a lot of companies today who will allow you to automate your social media. While, you can use these software, ensure that you also put more real tweets, as no social media likes automated posts, that may or may not be relevant. Every social media wants you to be there when you are posting something. Twitter is no different and that is why if you are using methods like automated tweets, there is a chance that your account will not get a good result.

6. Incomplete Profile

Always make sure that your profile is completed on Twitter. Check a few times to make sure whether you have uploaded your profile picture, your cover photo, and the bio descriptions that you are supposed to write. 1 easy method for Twitter to find profiles which are suspicious is via the profile description. You should not fall into the trap.

7. Not being Expressive Enough

Twitter doesn’t give you a lot of space to express all of your thoughts. This is where creativity comes into play. You have to make sure that you are expressing yourself with the least number of words possible. Some people try to go for series tweets where that divide their thoughts into two or three different tweets. That is not a bad strategy but it is always best to be able to express yourself within a single one.

8. Not being Entertaining Enough

At the end of the day, Twitter is a social media and people come here for entertainment. You must realize that people visit social media like Twitter when they are spending their leisure hours. Therefore, if the content that you’re posting is not interesting enough then they are not going to respond to it.

They might not hate you for posting boring content, but when they stop responding to your content, you will see that you are having less number of reach than before.

9. Timing

Timing is a very important factor which we often tend to ignore. Try to understand where do your followers live and try to organize your tweets in a way so that they always find your tweets on their home page. Even if you are living in another country, you should calculate their time zones to make sure that you are not missing your followers.

10. Using Image & Video

You have to understand the fact that Twitter is a very crowded social media. A lot of people are constantly posting news, tidbits and whatnot that may end up being far more entertaining than your post. Therefore, you will have to do your best to make sure that you stand out.

Using image and video are both good ways to go about it. When you are posting your image or video, make sure that they are interesting so that people spend their time watching them.

11. Not Being Regular

Not being regular is another thing that you are not supposed to do. Like any other social media, if you are not being active on Twitter, you are going to lose your followers. Yes, you might not be any change visibly because you will still have the same number of followers that you used to have before. But in reality, your followers are not going to see your post on their feed anymore as you were not regular enough.

If You Can Follow these strategies, then it is almost guaranteed that you will have better results from Twitter.