12 Best Resources to learn jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is lightning fast, light weight and flooded with feature. You can also consider jQuery as a wrapper above JavaScript. As, while dealing with JavaScript for achieving the same functionality you need to write many lines of code whereas while working with jQuery you just need to call the pre-defined function in the library. It makes our code more efficient and is easy to use. jQuery makes complex functionalities like DOM manipulations and AJAX calls a lot easier to use.

There are many JavaScript frameworks which answers your question of how to design a website but none of them is as powerful as JQuery. JQuery is so popular that you can find plugin for achieving almost any functionality. JQuery is extensible which means it can be customized and desired functionality can be achieved according to the requirement.

Looking at the popularity of JQuery it is a must to learn for all the developers and designers. So, here we bring you a list of top 12 resources where you can master your JQuery skills. These links are text tutorials, video tutorials or eBooks.

First we have a look at jQuery text tutorials:

1. w3schools

w3schools is doing a remarkable job in providing tutorials on various technologies. You just name the technology and you will find a tutorial related to that on w3schools. The tutorials on JQuery covers every topic and has an online editor as well where you can perform things practically. The tutorial starts with an introduction of JQuery and then digs deep into the technology as we progress further.

2. Tutorialspoint

Tutorials point has been in these business from a long time and explain things in the simplest way possible. The JQuery course is very structured and can be understood even by a beginner. It starts with the basics and covers topic like attributes, CSS, DOM, AJAX etc. and then move towards advanced topics like Interactions, Widgets, Theming, Plugin and Utilities.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy helps you learn jQuery online so that you can leverage your skills in creating animation and building interactive websites. The estimated course time is 3 hours and more than 500 thousand students have registered for this course. The course perfectly answers your query of “how do I learn to code” by offering online editor with every tutorial which allows you to execute whatever you have learned.

4. Learn.jQuery

Learn.jQuery is the best place to start learning as it focuses on basics, deals with common problems faced by developer and makes you familiar with the standard practices of JQuery. It covers topic such as JQuery introduction, events, Ajax calls, use of plugins, code organization etc.

Now have a look at jQuery video tutorials:

5. Codeschool

Codeschool has divided the course into different levels. The course digs deeper as you move to the next level. Each level has challenges associated with it which needs to be accomplished. These challenges are based on the learnings that you have grasped from the video tutorial. The first 5 levels of course are free and covers topic such as traversing DOM, working with DOM, listening to DOM and styling in JQuery.

6. Udemy

Udemy provides an in depth course in JQuery covering each and every topic. The course has total of 63 lectures which if summed up altogether equals to 4.5 hours of content. The course helps you in designing a website by using customized JQuery plugins. After successful completion of course you will get a certificate from Udemy.

7. Lynda

The JQuery online training is divided into 6 sections and helps to add animation, third-party data, and dynamic content to your apps and websites. The course first tells you how to extract page content using JQuery and play with some CSS. In the next section you will get familiar with the dynamic page content and JQuery events. In the last section you will learn to add animation and access data through AJAX.

8. Eduonix

This course by Eduonix contains over 10 lectures featuring 2 hours of content. The pre requisite for this course is that user must have basic knowledge of HTML. The course explains every concept by implementing it on the live project thereby making you aware of industry standards.

Now let us have a look at some of the best jQuery books available in the market. These books on JQuery have been finalised after doing a thorough research.

9. JQuery in Action by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz

The book is a masterpiece that will take your understanding in JavaScript to a next level. The book digs deep in the concept of JQuery and the latest JQuery UI releases. Apart from explaining theoretical concepts the “lab pages” section of book explains each concept by taking a practical example. The book also explains advance concepts such as using animations and adding Ajax to your web page.

10. JQuery Succinctly by Cody Lindley

jQuery Succinctly
JQuery Succinctly is meant for users who are looking to learn the advanced concepts in JQuery development. Each chapter is aimed at making  you an expert JQuery developer. The book is not meant for novice and can also be used by users who are already familiar with basics of JQuery or one who are well versed in using JavaScript.

11. Head First jQuery by Ryan Benedetti and Ronan Cranley

Head First series have published books on many technologies and all of them were a good read. This time also the book will not disappoint you; the thing that differentiate the book from rest is that it quotes example from real life which you can relate to more easily. If you are comfortable with the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you will hardly face any problem in acing the concepts of JQuery.

12. Learning JQuery by Jonathan Chaffer

The book can be referred by the designers to create eye catchy elements or by the developers who want a presentable user interface for their web apps. Before reading this book you just need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is not expected to have any knowledge of JavaScript libraries. This book gives an insight into various client-side problems.

The core library of JQuery is used by more than 61 percent of websites. Apart from public web JQuery is also used in Google Chrome add on, Firefox extensions, Mozilla XUL apps, Chrome OS apps, Firefox OS apps, BlackBerry 10 WebWorks apps and Windows 8 Store apps. After going through this article you must have realised how powerful and popular JQuery is. It is a must learn and will grow even more in coming future.

Are you also looking to learn jQuery; then you must have something to add to this list. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of some more knowledgeable resources for learning JQuery.