Creating a website design contract is not as easy as everyone could imagine, considering this is a document that usually gets edited in numerous opportunities in order to meet all parties’ interests.

The reason why this situation usually takes place is that some common errors that could be easily avoided.  In order to make this happen in the most efficient manner and create the best website design contract, all you need to do is to include these three elements.


This is definitely the most important element when creating a website design contract, given the fact that the first thing takes to take into consideration is to always avoid any kind of confusion or misinterpretation. After all, these are the most common details behind a failed agreement and the main reason why many website design contracts take time to be fully completed. 

To make it simple, the best website design contracts are those that are straightforward and make sense to everyone, no matter if the different parties involved have significant legal experience or none. Basically, you need to take into consideration that simplicity is the same as clarity when creating a contract that would highlight the most important aspects of any kind of business.

Here’s a tip: streamlined text always improves understanding of all parties involved. In fact, by minimizing both technical and legal jargon you would remove the chance that your client blames any misinterpretation that could eventually happen on your writing.


The interesting detail about this element is the fact that in order to apply it in the most efficient manner, all you need to execute are the common principles that everyone who knows the basics of readability use for websites, whether in top-list articles or any kind of content.

In case you don’t know it, all you need to do in order to maintain decent readability in a website design contract is essential to keep the fonts as simple as possible, italicizing and bolding the proper words, use caps, and especially avoiding excessive underlining. After all, this last detail usually looks quite confusing when is overused in a text.

Also, it is important to use a large enough text for easy reading, with decent use of white space, line spacing, and also page numbers, which is usually applied in order to maintain readability and to make everything look aesthetic.

And if you want everything to look beautifully structured, then you have to make use of the sub-headings, considering that these would help you organize the information for easy searching. 


This element has to do with being as specific as possible about every single aspect in the contract that involves numbers and figures.

Naturally, we’re talking about dates and prices, which are always the most delicate details not only on a website design contract but also in every single contract or agreement that involves any amount of money and commitment from the parties involved.

This way, preparations, and signing dates need to be clearly stated, as well as any kind of deadline related to payments or deliverables.