3 Free Books to Help You Learn Angular.js

AngularJS, a JavaScript MVW framework built and maintained by Google. Why did it become so popular, and was it really because there was the need for it, or was it because Google is behind it? It does offer some really great stuff to manage your apps, test them and maintain them. It’s what I hear it’s used the most for.

I have been building things with Laravel, and I happened to notice that quite a few people are beginning to mention AngularJS and wondering what is the best way of putting both to work together. I naturally got curious, and wanted to explore more.

AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

My exploration begins with learning more about AngularJS, and what it can do. The best way of doing is, is of course from books. In this case, free books that have been created to help the community grow and flourish.

Also, because I’m working closely with my blog and trying to expand it – I stumbled upon some research that suggest the fact that AngularJS is not SEO compatible, and requires some serious work for search engines to recognize AngularJS apps as real and content-rich.

Kind of funny, as it’s developed by Google, the search giant itself.

You should also, before beginning the journey of learning AngularJS from these free books, try and follow the most common communities of Angular, and definitely bookmark them for future reference and learning.

AngularJS Resources for Learning

Mailing List

AngularJS Fundamentals

And, lastly – a great introduction to AngularJS from Dan Wahlin in video format. The first book on this list is also created by him and contains the same information you’d find in the video.

If you enjoyed the above presentation, perhaps it is worth considering to signup for a special course than the same author has published on a popular video course website? You won’t learn AngularJS quicker anywhere else on the web, not with the amount of support that comes with it. Here’s what I’m talking about:

AngularJS JumpStart

AngularJS JumpStart
It has over 1,500 students (all of which share the same private community forum, great for that extra support when it comes to learning this language), and offers an extensive introduction as well as guidance into the workflow of AngularJS.

By the end of the course you’ll have walked through of all of the key components in AngularJS and built a working Single Page Application. If you’re looking to “jumpstart” your AngularJS knowledge look no further than this course!

Like I said, it is authored by Dan Wahlin, the same guy who’s behind the above YouTube video. The price tag might seem a little steep, but you’ll quickly make it back by having the necessary skills to do some freelance work on AngularJS projects.

If not, try and wrap your head around these free books.

1. AngularJS in 60 Minutes

AngularJS in 60 Minutes eBook
You’ll be guided through the most basic fundamentals of AngularJS, there is a lot of pictures and other animated content for your learning pleasure, and it’s truly a great starting point for people like myself. I’m not gonna add much more to this, as the video above and this eBook are the exact same thing.

2. Recipes with Angular.js

Recipes with Angular.js Home
I’m pretty sure that this book was previously called ‘AngularJS Succinctly’, it doesn’t seem like both books are separate as they share the same content index. I could be wrong.

This is a very straightforward book, it’s maintained by Frederik Dietz, and has roughly 100 pages of content to go through. You’ll be learning quite a bit: URL’s, forms, API’s, routing and much more of the basic concepts.

There is a HTML version available, as well as a purchasable copy from Amazon. I recommend supporting the work of those that have helped you in some way, keeps them going!

3. Practical AngularJS

Practical AngularJS by Dinis Cruz Leanpub PDF iPad Kindle
It’s not a complete book, as of yet. It’s being worked on, but it’s already looking to be a good resource for anyone that wants to learn more about AngularJS, and the approaches that it’s possible to take with it.

Plenty of examples of AngularJS within different platforms and situations.

Learning Angular.JS for Free!

Is this enough material to become proficient? I couldn’t tell you, not without knowing how you work and what your learning process is like; what I can tell you is that this is definitely going to be a great start, to grasp the beginning concepts and see some real-life examples of the framework in action.

I hope this will prove to be useful, and you can surely suggest more interesting and educational material regarding Angular in the comments.