The horizon of development is endless. Specifically, for few segments, like e-commerce, the demand is dynamic, the customers are expecting more, the backend challenges are asking for a revamp and more. For users, the process may seem smooth but the people managing the e-commerce site and store, understand the challenges in the background.

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It’s quite a tricky task to decide when your e-commerce site needs a revamp. Especially when it is at an alarmingly successful stage, one cannot ignore the challenges that the site is exploring. Why do e-commerce sites need an upgrade? There are certain hurdles that with time push e-commerce site owners to go for an upgrade. To mention a few are:

a) Slow page load
b) Outdated features
c) Inventory management challenges
d) Customer support challenges
e) Old and inaccurate e-commerce platform
f) Payment in and out problems etc.

To get through the challenges and maintain a healthy relationship with customers and clients, e-commerce sites need an upgrade. However, an upgrade in a running business is a tricky and risk-taking task. It can adversely affect the currently running site and hamper the customer’s interaction with the site. Thus, one needs to be very careful with the upgrade process.

To run an eCommerce store, one should ensure its security and keep the site up to date. To do so, the e-commerce site owner should always look out for the latest Magento version and update the site immediately.

Why Magento?

The latest version of Magento upgrade not only makes the user shopping experience on-site tremendously wonderful but also improves the overall business. Ask any software development company and it will tell you why it is a widely used open source eCommerce platform. Few benefits of moving to Magento upgrade includes:

a) Performance improvement of an e-commerce site
b) A boost in profits and sales
c) Efficient and agile for business
d) Easy and fast for developers

Let’s move to the section where we define on 3 major considerations which would help you decide if you need an upgrade of your e-commerce platform to Magento.

1) Alignment of upgrade with your current business goals

Before moving towards Magento upgrade on your e-commerce site, it’s first important to realize that whether the upgrade aligns with your business goals or not. This is important because it’s the business goals that had kept the path clear and goal oriented for an e-commerce site.

Without any business goals, it would simply go nutcase and forget the purpose of business.
The planned Magneto upgrade should align with the channeled business goals and serve the purpose as is even with the upgrade. Few pointers to help you understand are:

a) Know your target market

An e-commerce business opens endless opportunities to reach the target market. It gives the opportunity to touch the global horizon and serve customers from anywhere. However, even if you plan to touch global grounds, you need to understand your target market and its regulations effectively. The upgrade helps in ensuring to update the site as per the global ethics and compliance. Like:

· Excise duties
· Market needs as per demography, geography, climatic conditions etc.
· Shipping cost
· Compliance and regulations

b) Know your target customers

While the market survey is important, audience survey is equally important. The target market is different from target customers. It’s the audience that is going to be involved with the buy and sell. Thus, e-commerce applications need to make sure that the upgrade does not hamper the shopping experience of the target audience. For the same, you need to work with your mobile app development company to ensure that they understand your consumer preferences and does not interrupt the users’ journey while upgrading.

2) Technical limitations

In the process of growing your e-commerce business, there comes a time when you start realizing that the site is no longer performing the way it used to earlier. It is so because due to the excessive inflow of visitors on site, demands, purchases, outflow, the site becomes slow and non-performing.

This hampers the performance of the site severely and there are chances that users might not come back on site due to this. This is where upgrade caters to the need and sets the site as per the date, eradicates the bugs and improves the performance. Few sections of improvements are:

a) Page load: With more and more users coming up on site, there are changes of slow loading of pages. It is estimated that users don’t stay long on site if the page loads take time more than usual. Magento upgrade eradicates this issue easily.

b) Slow site speed: Since the reachability has increased in recent time due to the proliferation of mobile phones, e-commerce site usually faces the challenge of slow site speed. This hampers user experience and turns off their interest in ever coming back to site for shopping. It’s important to look at aspects like navigation, code, resources, URL structure etc. to ensure that the site loads immediately and instantly.

3) Development and Innovations

Any business may not flourish if they stick to the same set of rules, development, trends that was created at the time of establishment of the business. With time, it’s important to keep up with the development pace and users’ expectations. This not only attracts users to be a regular one on the site but also invite profits and success in the business.

The era today is the mobile era. People are more on mobile than they ever were. All the transactions like banking, traveling, connectivity, purchasing is completed on mobile than on desktops. Thus, e-commerce sites too have taken a chance on mobile and have emerged remarkably.
Fact alert: As per the study by the Internet Retailer, it is estimated that 60% of online retailers will be switching platforms in the next 1-2 years due to the increase in the usage of mobile.


To sum up the blog, it is evident that development is the future of success. eCommerce is one such business that has their daily dose of user interactions. To keep up the pace of profit and success, they need to upscale their site every then and now to be in the game in the competitive market. And Magento upgrade is exactly what they need to conquer.