Career Change Hacks

Changing careers can be challenging when you’re an adult with commitments.

Your motivation might stem from sudden unemployment and a change in family circumstances.

Or simply a restless feeling that your job no longer feels fulfilling.

But regardless of your reasons, life’s just too short to spend time in a job that’s become a daily drag.

So here are five midlife career change hacks that will motivate your job migration.

1. Radical sabbatical

Student-style sabbaticals are rites of passage between school and university that can inspire a complete change of career direction.

But the luxury of a year off work isn’t realistic for those with bills to pay.

A one-day radical sabbatical could be the answer though — take a day off work and venture solo to a serene location for some valuable ‘me time’.

You’ll clear your mind of workaday woes and review your options with fresh-eyed focus.
Radical sabbatical

2. Values as a vehicle

You might work in a highly-skilled technical role and fear that changing jobs would waste your hard-earned skillset.

But if the time you spend providing colleagues with informal advice and support feels more nourishing you can use these soft skills to switch jobs.

Your destination could be a career as an enlightened HR advisor or a life coach — use your values as the vehicle to take you there.

3. Volunteer

Your years of experience volunteering for a favourite cause could be the key to the change you desire. And you might even move from a corporate role to a hands-on career in construction.

Volunteering is always worthy. But it also garners resume-boosting skills and unearths opportunities to focus on your passions full-time.

4. Turn your hobby into a career

If you’re a retired sportsperson missing the buzz of competition, don’t let your talent go to waste — coaching can allow you to teach the next generation.

You don’t even need to discover the next world champion because sports skills can be transferred to diverse spheres like youth work and mental health support.

Or if your friends can’t stop raving that the cakes you bake at home beat the local bakery in the taste stakes you can turn your delicious distraction into a bustling business.

5. Online degrees

Online degrees provide the flexibility of studying on your own time while fulfilling family duties.

Choose a course that qualifies you in an entirely new field or enhances the entrepreneurial skills you already possess.

Then by the time your business launches you’ll have cutting-edge expertise that complements your entrepreneurial savvy.

These five midlife career change hacks should help you take the first step towards your true calling.

How did you change career as an adult? Share your inspiring stories in the comments sections.