Words are very powerful. Specific words matter a lot when used in marketing. Many digital customers click on a link just because a certain word captured their attention. That is why it is important to use words that are striking in order to trigger the right emotions in the target audience you are aiming at.
Convert Digital Customers
People have an instinctual reaction to different words and languages. A person will always associate sound and action with images even in the case where they do not understand the words that have been used. Here are some of the words or phrases that you can use in order to easily convert your online customers:

  1. No obligation: this will make your customers decide freely on what they want.
  2. Join: this word will provide a sense of togetherness for your customers.
  3. You: This word makes the customer feel as though you are communicating directly to them.
  4. Because: your customers will always look for reasons why they should take an action.
  5. Consequently: it is a cause-effect word that makes everything that you say objective.
  6. 100% money back guarantee: this shows your customers that there is no risk in trying out what you are selling.
  7. Save: this points out to monetary or time savings, just what online customers are looking to achieve.
  8. Wealth: this can be used if you are selling something that can generate money for your customers.
  9. Free: everyone loves something for nothing, therefore this works like magic for the online customer.
  10. Limited offer: this shows scarcity and it might influence a buyer especially if they do not want to be left out.
  11. Value: it implies that they are losing something and gaining another.
  12. No Questions Asked: gives your customers the feeling that they can fully trust the product or service.
  13. Proven: shows your customers that what you are marketing has been tried and tested.
  14. Premium: this is used to show quality of products or services.
  15. Best-selling: this is a phrase that makes you feel safe knowing that you are getting the best.
  16. Huge: this is used in case of a large discount or an amazing offer, which is just what everyone likes.
  17. Instantly: a lot of online customers do not want to wait. They want instant gratification.
  18. Guaranteed: this makes them feel that they have little or nothing to lose.
  19. Amazing: it means wonderful, remarkable, marvelous, astounding and so on. everyone wants this kind of thing.
  20. Quick: this is a very influential word. It will work for someone that needs a quick solution.
  21. Elite: shows the kind of customers you are already dealing with. A new customer will want to be associated with you
  22. Introducing: this is a word that can work for anyone that loves trying out new things.
  23. How to: this gives your customers a solution first, then the method later. It will work for someone that is in need of solutions.
  24. Bargain: gives your customers an idea that you have a great deal.
  25. New: It means that what you are offering is something new and amazing for your customers.
  26. Secret: everyone wants to know a secret or two, as this feels like they have the upper hand of others looking for the same thing.
  27. More: It shows that you are offering more than your competitors, which is a better deal for them.
  28. Caused by: it’s a transitional phrase that can push them to make a purchase.
  29. Easy: no one wants to go through a hassle to get what they need.
  30. Hurry: this is a very influential word. It creates an impression that your customers do not have a second chance and could trigger instant buying.
  31. Discover: it means there is something much better which is unknown to them.
  32. Act now: this gives the customers no time to think about it. It limits their time, triggering an instant action.
  33. Effective: shows your customers that they can count on the product or service you are marketing.
  34. Tell us: This shows that there is interest in the opinion of your customer and communicates that they are valuable.
  35. Hot: this means that this is the best there is. A hot deal is hard to find elsewhere.
  36. Guaranteed results: this is exactly what they want to hear, that they will get exactly what you are promising.
  37. All you need: this makes them feel that what they need is just in that product or service.
  38. Promote: this gives your customers a chance to help others through the product or service that you are selling.
  39. Never: it is like a warning to the customers not to try out what you are dealing with.
  40. Complete: this communicates to them that they will not need anything else, but what you are selling.
  41. Inspire: an inspiration can trigger buying because it is a good thing for many people.
  42. Compare: this gives your customers confidence to go for what is good for them.
  43. Powerful: means that your business, product or service is strong or robust.
  44. The: this shows that you are the best there is or no one is better than you.
  45. Increase: this shows how much your customers can get from the product or service.
  46. Plus!: this tells your customers that they are getting more than they are paying for.
  47. Ultimate this means that what you are selling is the last or final product or service. Your customers will be left with no choice but to make a quick decision.
  48. Extraordinary: something out of ordinary can be intriguing to your online customers.
  49. Today: this will work considering that everyone wants better things every day.
  50. Health: the desire to stay healthy can persuade a lot of people to buy something.

All these words have the power to trigger buying if they are used correctly in your website content. They can be used separately or in phrases.