If you have ever worked with or for someone, then you have surely had a few moments where you felt like face-palming because something has frustrated you. If you are a computer programmer, you have probably wanted to do that more than once in the past. Programmers love their jobs, but there are certain things that they just cannot stand hearing, especially from people who are non-programmers. Some people say things or expect things from them which are just outrageous, and do not sit very well with them. Here are some frustrating things that computer programmers can identify with:

1. What Computer game do you prefer

There is a certain belief among any people that computer programmers love computer games. This means that for many programmers, whenever they meet up with people, the only thing they want to talk about are computer games, the best and worst games. Despite the fact that there is some truth to this, it is a blanket assumption that is not always true. As much as programmers are all human, and winding down with a good game after a long day is a good idea, not all programmers are gamers as well. Some programmers may not like games, or may not even have enough time on their hands to play these games. Asking a programmer what their favorite game is when they do not like or play games can be very annoying.

2. Write manuals

Everyone is keen on reading manuals whenever they get something new, especially a new computer program. However, writing manuals can be a nightmare, which is why programmers hate to hear about it. This is definitely not the best part of development. However, a computer programmer has to create a manual for every program that they write in order to explain to the users how the program works. Programmers prefer to write codes all day and not manuals, but it is an important part of their job.

3. Try restarting

Many people, especially those who have little computer knowledge, think that restarting a system is a great way to troubleshoot most computer issues. This is one of the reasons why they keep making that suggestion when they need a programmer’s help. It is true that restarting your computer can help, but that only works for some minor problems. For instance, if you have a bug in your code, there is no way restarting the computer will help. It is good to let the programmer, who is the expert in this case, handle it the way they know best, rather than suggesting a solution that they know too well will not help the situation.

4. Repeat

Repetition is frustrating, not just for computer programmers but for everyone else. This entails having to write the same thing over and over again. If you have to create a programming environment, repetition should be expected but programmers hate to hear about it. For instance, if you format and reinstall a system, you will be required to do quite a bit to get the system up and running again the way you would like. This will take time, effort, and in most cases, repetition, which can get exhausting.

5. Make it look the same as…

When you ask a programmer to do this, what they hear is that you are asking them to plagiarize someone else’s work, which is illegal! Computer programmers hate to hear this, not only because it is illegal, but also because they would much rather prefer to be given a chance to showcase their abilities. Some of them can do a much better job than what you are asking them to do. All you need to do is give them the time they need to showcase their talents and show you what they are capable of, rather than asking them to copy something that you think is great.

6. Rising up early

No one likes to hear that they have to wake up early, even computer programmers. We all like a good lie-in, especially after a particularly demanding project. However, if you are a busy programmer, you have to wake up early and get ready for other projects on your to-do list. Waking up early is something that everyone ought to do in order to prepare well for the day, and this includes programmers.

7. When will it be ready?

Programmers hate to talk about a deadline before they even begin. As a matter of fact, programmers hate deadlines. There is just too much involved in programming to give accurate deadlines for when a particular job will be completed. It is easier for them to talk about how you want the project to look like than to give you a tight deadline. Give them time to work on your project if you want an excellent job done, and you will not have to worry about lost time.

8. Review a code you wrote some time later

All code needs to be reviewed, especially if you do not use a good comment strategy. That is why it is important for a programmer to review their code often, because they might be required to use that code again in the future. Using the right descriptive variables and function names is very important, especially if you would like to find it simpler to recycle the same code in the future. A good tip is to use long names when naming your codes in order to remember them with ease.

Computer programming is not as easy as it may seem to most people. So much is expected of programmers, from perfectly completed projects to projects that are delivered on time. It can be tougher on a programmer if you have to insist on them doing things they do not like. This is a short list, as there are tons of other things that programmers hate to hear. If you would like to keep yourself from inadvertently angering your programmer, it would be a good thing to keep some of these things in mind the next time you need some programming done.