What better way to get a conference call going – than on a free video streaming website like ‘‘? Appear is a one click video conversation application / platform that will help you host video calls for up to 8 people – free of charge.

I’ve just given the application a test run and it looks great!

The setup is easier than you think:

  1. Create a Custom Video Room
  2. Copy the Room’s URL
  3. Share the Link With Friends or Business Partners
  4. Hold a conference together!

Had nobody to send the link to, sad: –  Alex @ CodeCondo

The quality seems to be just fine, and after a couple of uses and tries you’ll be offered to claim your own chat room, but unfortunately – I couldn’t get the option to claim the room work for me, this happened on Chrome and my Mozilla installation is acting up!

Supported Browsers

Developed by the lovely folks at Telenor Digital – you can relax and forget about security issues or log files. uses peer-to-peer communication, meaning that the video streams are sent directly between you and the people you are talking to. Nothing is stored on our server and all the communication is encrypted over SSL.

This is of course not the only app out there that offer such functionality, though I myself love to have variety and as long as everything I say is kept and heard by only the people in the conference itself – I’m happy.

What do you think of Have you given it a go?

You can follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for future updates.