Left Brain Worker

A company’s success is largely based on its workers’ successes. It’s not uncommon for a company to want to accommodate the employees’ working process by providing a supportive work environment. Google, for example, certainly has a unique way to make their employees happy and productive. But support comes in various different forms (and I don’t just mean through supportive office furniture). Everyone is different, and so is each and every one of your employees, so how can you be sure you’re giving the best support you can give? How can you be sure that your employees are able to perform at their optimum level?

As the title might have given away, how people think will determine how they work and solve problems. The brain is comprised of two hemispheres: left and right. Each side is responsible for different attributes that make up a person. Contrary to popular belief, both sides are actually active and working—a person does not just use one side of the brain. However, the dominant side will eventually govern a person’s decision-making process. Let’s see how that translates to your workers’ behaviour.

decision-making process

The left brain is associated with linear and logical thinking. Typically, a person whose left brain is more active prefers to work independently. They thrive in a quiet environment where they can do all the necessary research and incorporate the results into their work.

On the other hand, a person with a more dominant right brain loves to be more hands- on. Group projects excite them and serve as a fertile ground for groundbreaking ideas, and they are more likely to rely on their instinct or “gut feeling”. This is because the right brain is responsible for the creative, artistic, intuitive, and emotional part of self.

Once you know which hemisphere your individual workers are leaning into, you can provide a nurturing and ideal work environment for them to grow and succeed. Use this tool to build an imaginary layout before realising it. A little insider’s tip: left brainers may prefer independent workstations while the creative freethinkers may opt for a more laid-back setting to work in.

The description above is likely to be too general for you to apply to your own workers. If you want to know exactly whether your workers are right-brained or left-brained, go ahead and ask them to take this short, fun quiz. The result will give you an insight on how your workers operate and their individual personality while also giving you an idea on what you can do to help them give their best performance.

brain twister

Let’s start!

1. A new song is played on the radio! Which one attracts your attention more?
a. The melody and rhythm.
b. The awesome lyrics.

2. Your team at work has just expanded. After meeting them for the first time, you remember:
a. Their faces.
b. Their names.

3. Looking back at your old projects, your best ideas were conceived:
a. When you were in the shower.
b. When you were browsing the Internet for ideas.

4. Which one of these describes you best?
a. Procrastination is my middle name.
b. I love deadlines. I usually finished my work even before the deadline.

5. A coworker plays a YouTube playlist on the speaker at work. You:
a. Yay! It’s my jam!
b. Please turn the volume down.

6. During a meeting, you tend to:
a. Doodle on the edges when it gets boring.
b. Make headings and bullet points.

7. The current project you’re working on requires you to learn a new technique. You prefer to:
a. Watch all the training videos.
b. Read the step-by- step instruction manual.

8. You are to cook tonight’s dinner at home. This is a recipe you know by heart. Which one of these two are you?
a. I’m making pasta. I need garlic, spaghetti, olive oil, and chilli flakes.
b. Penne Carbonara is my forte! I need one large onion, 500 gr of penne, 1.5 cups of cream, and one 150 gr pack of bacon.

9. You watched the new Thor movie last weekend. You think:
a. Chris Hemsworth’s acting is bueno.
b. The storyline is totally awesome! It explains so much!

10. If you have a choice to learn something new, you’ll:
a. Learn salsa!
b. Learn French!


Result of Test

If you picked mostly A as your answer

Your right brain is more dominant. You’re often caught daydreaming and sometimes is easily distracted. Your room is a bit messy, but you swear you know where everything is! Music helps you focus, and a good discussion among coworkers gets you going. You love going to the office to meet like-minded people and work together to make an impact in the world.

If you picked mostly B as your answer

You’re a left-brainer! Your desk is neatly organised, probably even categorised, and this setting helps you think. You devote a good amount of time to research before making a decision—after all, a good decision is an informed decision! You prefer to work at home where you’re at your element and can focus your attention on the task at hand.

If you chose both A and B equally…

You’re an all-rounder. You can be both methodical and creative, depending on what that specific task needs. You can work with other people easily, but you have no problem if you must work on a project on your own. People who often come late irk you, but you don’t always stick to a schedule yourself. All in all, versatility is your best asset.