Everything eventually gets automated, and it’s the same in the vacation rental business.  Automation tools remove repetitive tasks while improving services. Who doesn’t want their Airbnb guests to have a phenomenal experience while reducing their personal management expenditure? Let’s look at what to automate and the best property management software for the task.


To have the most profitable vacation rental, you need an effective pricing strategy. We know basic economics: high demand means Airbnb hosts can charge a higher rate. Less demand, lower rates. 

What pricing automation software does is track supply and demand trends, compare your short term rental to similar properties on the market, and adjust the price accordingly. For example, BeyondPricing’s automated dynamic pricing solution uses similar algorithms as hotels and airlines to determine individual Airbnb pricing and vacation rental rates. They use real-time market data to recommend a price that maximizes user revenue.

Complex vacation rental management solutions

Managing a successful short term rental requires many steps. Sometimes it’s easier to find a solution that handles multiple aspects of an Airbnb business. A comprehensive automation software program tackles routine tasks, booking calendars, team management, guest messaging and more from one place.

iGMS is a perfect example of vacation rental software as a complex solution for your Airbnb hosting needs. Its automation software syncs calendar data and integrates properties from Airbnb and other short-term rental listing sites. With iGMS you can set up automated messaging to improve guest communication, automatically assign cleaners to properties, and automate pricing changes.

Key exchange service

Checking in and out is part of excellent customer service. Most vacation rental owners don’t or can’t always be available in-person to hand off the keys. When operating multiple listings, it’s near impossible to meet guests personally.

One sample key exchange provider is Keycafe. Their service stores the key in a nearby Smartbox. Using a code or Keycafe app, the guests get the information they need to pick up their keys from the box. There is an optional real-time photo ID identification for added security. Hosts can keep track of the keys with real-time key location information. 

Smart locks

Not everyone wants multiple keys floating around. With a physical key, it’s possible the guest will lose access to the rental property. Smart locks are an alternative to having any physical keys. These systems allow Airbnb hosts to see exactly who accessed the property and when plus set access and expiration parameters remotely.

One smart lock is Kwikset. The program sends electronic keys or user codes to renters and vendors from your smartphone or computer. They could use a touchpad, touchscreen, or install the Kwikset app on their phone to enter the Airbnb.

Upselling tools

Add to your vacation rental income stream by upselling your services, similar to Airbnb Experiences or other tours. Owners may think upselling adds work, but there is automation software that simplifies selling additional services.

YourWelcome is one sample service automating upselling features. Their tablets allow you to upsell services while offering instructional guides. Sell late checkouts, connect with local partners, and add other services to enhance the guests’ stay.

Vacation rental data & analytics

You can maximize the performance of every Airbnb listing by understanding what’s happening in real-time. Data automation software skips the number crunching on Excel spreadsheets for easy-to-read accurate information on the market and your rental.

For example, data and analytics provider AirDNA looks at the performance of over ten million vacation rentals in 80,000 cities worldwide to identify market trends in the short term rental industry. This data helps users maximize their return on investment, select new markets to expand the business, and perfect their pricing strategies. 

Virtual guestbooks 

Most guests appreciate having a property guide available to them for troubleshooting and learning what activities are around them. Keeping track and updating this guest book can be a time-consuming process.

Today, guestbooks can be digital and automated. One provider in the space is TouchStay. Users send the guest a link to give access to insider tips, practical information, and what to know about the property. It does have a PDF and print capability.

Why use automation software?

The result of Airbnb automation is better property performance and more revenue for you and a better experience for your guests. Find proof in the glowing guest reviews, increased bookings, and enhanced income.