Want A Thriving Business Avoid 'Not Good Enough'!

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I think that is how the quote went? This is a business post above anything else, it would fit in a self-improvement section, but I’m still thinking whether I should make one or not. Not good enough. Yeah, right.

The term ‘not good enough’ can really stretch here. I mean, in one way or another – whenever we say that we’re not good enough, we’re avoiding the ultimate truth. We’re not even trying. That is a big mistake on our part. We will always have the opportunity to try and find out, but we have to make the first step.

I’m no psychologist, or a mentor or a doctor, or anyone else who knows the mind too well for that matter. I’m someone who has gone through the phase of not being good enough, to the phase where I am more than good enough to do things I want to do. I don’t judge others, and I sure as hell don’t need their approval for my success.

Listen, if you want to become ‘good enough’ – you’ve got to invest the time in that very thing. If you think this is going to teach you how to create a potion of ‘good enough’, you’ve come to the wrong place.

We can start by asking ourselves these three questions:

  1. Where is my life headed to?
  2. What is my next move?
  3. What do I want the end result to be?

thriving business

If you’re anything like I myself, you’ll already have answers to those questions, and many tiny answers that somehow relate to the bigger picture. The whole truth is that we want to succeed, and do it in a way that our privacy is being protected. That is one of the main reasons why we think that we’re ‘not good enough’ – is because we see other people’s success and how far they’ve gotten in their lives.

It’s irrelevant. We’ve got our own life to build, and our own business to build – because working for other people and their dreams is not an option. I am going to give you some really simple advice on how to remove negative thoughts from your mind. It has helped me immensely, especially in the business side of things.

You only need to cold email someone a few times before you’ve gotten used to it. I think the worst part is opening that email without any expectations. How can it be that this person is so nice to me? Was the internet lying to me all along?

dont count the days, make the days count

The first one is quite simple and probably the most important one.

Exercise on Regular Basis

I’ve tried exercising for five days a week. It didn’t really work out, and I’ve had to make adjustments to do it every two days and throw in a run or two during the week as well. I prefer working in the mornings, and I’ll usually start my day at around 6AM with a nice stretching / yoga exercise. This is absolutely the one thing that helps me to start my day with confidence and clear mind. It takes away everything, including the ‘not good enough’.

I tend to look at it this way: I just spent an hour exercising at 6AM, how am I not good enough? How many people do I know that do the same thing?

Endorphin’s are the natural chemical in our body that gives us a ‘natural high’. I like to call it the natural state of being. There are tons of things that release this chemical into our brain and makes us happy. The most commonly known are sex and exercise. You’ve got to practice at least one on regular basis in order to have some sort of balance between ‘not good enough’ and good enough.

How do you begin your day? What are your favorite exercise practices?

Work on Your Goals (tiny, small, bigger)

The absolute best motivation I get is from achieving my goals that I set myself ought to do. It’s a wonderful feeling to write something down, and then a couple of days or weeks later have it completed – just like you imagined.

If you’re familiar with programming – you’ll know that to create a program, you’ve got to break it into tiny parts. One function after another in order to produce an end result. It’s the same with goals.

Work on Your Goals

I record all of my blog posts and ideas, and I continue to improve upon them by having set the goals of doing so. I cannot create a post without having a sense of direction. I realize how difficult it can sometimes be to write and produce something really good, but I always keep in mind that I am good enough – and not just because I have done it thousands of times before. It’s because I know I can do it.

Adjust, and create a few incredibly tiny goals for yourself. Instead of doing ‘tasks’, starting building goals and a bigger picture. It will help you a lot, not only with your current business and life, but all the next ones too.

Identify the Problem

I understand that all of the above is complete nonsense if you don’t need encouragement and real life examples. I’ve been there a couple of times myself. I’ve been in worse situations, believe me. And if you don’t, get in touch and I’ll explain to you what it means to have ‘problems’ in life.

I began seeing the big picture, and I realized that I could break down my problems into smaller ones, and I could begin slowly building my way up. This was not easy, and it certainly didn’t feel like it’s coming to me naturally. We’ve got to realize that sometimes change needs to be pushed and actually created, not waited for (as it may never come).

Identify the Problem

The moment I started working on my problems, they started disappearing before I could account for the fact that they did disappear, and my life started to become more transparent and easy to navigate. In fact, my business life started to improve and I knew that from now on I am heading into a direction that I am pleased with.

No One Else, but You

No One Else, but YouI cannot build the perfect life for you. I can only encourage to take the necessary steps in order to do it yourself. I wanted this post to be something else initially, but then I realized how many people need the support and good will presented to them in order to understand that there are others, other human beings who struggle the same way they do. I’m not where I want to be, but I know the destination, and I know how to get there, and it’s truly a fact that the journey itself is more important than the destination.

The journey is what teaches and mentors you.