If you don’t know what these tools are and how to use them, here’s a detailed guide on which is the best and how to use a paraphrasing tool. 

But first, know what exactly is the paraphrasing tool and it works. 

If you want to paraphrase in an old-school way, that’s fine. But if you want to save some time and effort then these tools should be considered for rephrasing. 

What are Paraphrasing Tools?

Paraphrasing tools make the content unique. They rephrase the articles for you. As a content writer, the primary aim is to write content that is not similar and copied from anywhere. 

That’s the point where they need for paraphrasing tools arises as they enable you to write content free from plagiarism. 

Plagiarism is detected in the content if it is too close to any other text. As a writer, you continuously feel the need to remove duplication in the content. Paraphrasing tools do this in a couple of seconds. 

These tools are great time savers and you can write as much as you want without feeling exhausted. As a writer and blogger, you are lucky enough to live in times that offer plenty of tools to help you in the writing process. 

How do these tools work?

The main purpose of a paraphrasing tool is to rearrange the words in the text so that it seems different from the original one. 

Paraphrasing tools do not change the context of the article; rather explain things by staying within the range of the topic. 

In simple words, paraphrasing means rewriting sentences by changing the synonyms. You must rephrase the text while writing the article because Google search engines do not accept content that is copied and plagiarized. 

Paraphrasing tools use techniques aided by artificial intelligence and machine learning that provides the users with the best possible content that is humanly readable.

As a writer, it can become exhausting to continuously write long-form and extensive content. Paraphrasing tools have become the holy grail of writers in this situation. 

If we have told you the importance of paraphrasing tools then you can go ahead and read further. We have discussed some of the best online paraphrasing tools with their features. 

Since there are multiple tools available online, it can be confusing and overwhelming as to which one to use. You can choose to use the one that seems suitable to you based on its features. 

Here are the 4 best and almost free-to-use paraphrasing tools available online. 


Rephrase.info is a best paraphrasing tool used widely by bloggers and writers. The Rephrase tool generate a report that shows all the differences between original and paraphrased text. 

The results show the rephrased text in the highlighted text so, you get a clear picture of how much text and words are changed. 

Spellings and grammar mistakes are also removed. 

The free version offers the best deal. You can paraphrase up to 500words. 

Paraphrasing is done almost in no time. 


Paraphraser.io is another rephrasing tool that allows users to rephrase in bulk. It makes the content unique and new. 

Want to paraphrase the text on the go and in less time?

There is no need to search anymore. Paraphraser.io does not require any log in information. 

Therefore, no extra effort is required to use this tool.  Paraphrase.io allows the rephrasing of extensive and less content as well. 

However, if you want to register and buy the premium plans, it’s up to you. It offers two plans. 

Premium plans
Monthly  Yearly 
word limit (1000) word limit (1000)
plagiarism can be checked for up to 5000 words  plagiarism of 5000 words can be checked 
supports creative mode  it also supports the creative mode
No ads  No ads
$20 $150 

Word ai

A paraphrasing tool supported by artificial intelligence technology changes the words efficiently. It does the job of paraphrasing the sentences and even the whole article. 

As much as the tool has effortless working, it is not available for free. Still, we would like you to give it a try. It provides a 3-day free trial. 

Word ai offers various levels of paraphrasing. These are; 

  • Readable 
  • Extremely readable 
  • Unique 
  • Very unique 
  • Extremely unique 

Any level of paraphrasing can be chosen based on the writer’s requirements. For example, if your goal is to write content that is more readable than unique then choose the option of readable. 

An additional feature of the word ai is spintax. Spintax allows you to change the wording of articles in bulk. 

It also gives the option of having synonyms on the dashboard. You can select the synonyms of your choice and make them appear more natural. It gives the impression of manually paraphrasing articles. 

A heading of the paragraphs can be generated automatically which makes the format of an article more presentable. 

Wrapping up!

While there is no dearth of free paraphrasing tools and hundreds of them are available online, there is still some confirmation as to which one should be used.

You have to be careful while selecting the tool since most of them twist the meaning of the sentences and overall paragraphs. 

This is not a good feature for any paraphrasing tool. We have discussed some of the best available online paraphrasers and you can choose any one of these to get the best results.