You should definitely, by now, know who the NSA is and what they like to do. Edward Snowden was the guy who revealed to the whole world, what exactly this government agency and its staff does for a living – spy on people, read their personal data and invade their privacy.

It’s one of those things that are hard to believe for a normal person, for people who don’t understand technology very well – all of this seems just another news topic for the media. I had the chance of seeing court files of a friend of mine, few months ago. He was being prosecuted for selling drugs, it was an on-going case that lasted for months before it was finally put together.

NSA SpiesWhat I was able to see within those files was shocking to say the least. The one thing that shocked me the most is how easily the police department was able to read his personal messages on his phone, from a wireless distance. That is just messed up, seriously messed up. I knew it’s possible and that they could be doing it – but I was always at doubt with that statement, until I got to see the proof.

Blackphone Brand Logo

Blackphone, is a new kind of phone that is looking to change the way we operate with out smartphones, change the way we look at security, and most of all – change our feelings towards security related issues that have come to light in the past year. It’s certainly necessary to have phones like Blackphone appearing in the market, and I couldn’t support the company more.

It’s always hard to see these launches and think t yourself – I hope they will manage to spread the word! – as we know it, bigger companies have got more money and thus higher chances of squeezing something out of the market.

Blackphone is the first integrated smartphone from the best privacy minds in the industry.

Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to combine best-of-breed hardware with all the skills and experience necessary to offer PrivatOS, an Android™ based operating system without the usual compromises.

The absolute best part of this phone is of course the fact that you are going to be left with everything that you need (Android), while maintaining high and professional security standards. I really like this idea and the whole concept and I hope we will be able to hear more about it in the future. I’d suggest you watch the video above for more detailed explanation and the vision of this company.

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